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Layout Tour #15: January 31- Santa Barbara Area

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  • Bob Chaparro
    Thanks mainly to the work of Bruce Morden of Carpinteria, Layout Tour No. 15 is on the schedule for Saturday, January 31, 2009, in the Santa Barbara area. This
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      Thanks mainly to the work of Bruce Morden of Carpinteria, Layout Tour
      No. 15 is on the schedule for Saturday, January 31, 2009, in the
      Santa Barbara area.

      This will be our second Santa Barbara area tour and will feature
      layouts not seen on the first tour. The tour also is a partnership
      effort with the Daylight Division of the NMRA's Pacific Coast Region.

      The tour will feature 13 layouts at 10 sites in Carpinteria, Goleta
      and Santa Barbara, and includes Gary Siegel's nationally known L&N
      Eastern Kentucky Division. More layouts may be added by the tour
      date. A complete schedule and maps will be available in the group's
      Files Section around January 2.

      Below is a current listing of the layouts on this tour.

      Bob Chaparro

      James Donlon- SP Coast Line (HO)
      James' Southern Pacific Coast Line is three deck representation of
      the Southern Pacific Coastline route. The circa 1950 era allows a
      mix of steam, first generation diesels and a few second generation
      diesels. The railroad seeks to faithfully recreate the SP's Ventura
      Sub Division operations between Burbank Junction (roughly Glendale
      CA) and Sea Cliff (south Santa Barbara) with 350 feet of mainline in
      an around the 22' x 19' room.

      The railroad was built for operation. Using an original SP timetable
      from the era, James dispatches trains based on the actual time table
      of the day using and 8:1 fast clock to cover a 24 hour period in 3
      hours with an average of 16-20 trains operating. The times of the
      trains on his model are within minutes of the actual 1952 SP time
      table. Trains include through and local freights as well as named
      passenger consists. Trains run as scheduled and extras. Towns and
      landmarks along the route are captured in the layout including Santa
      Susana Pass, the yard at Oxnard and the "Y" for the Santa Paula
      branch line. Entry to the layout requires navigating a "CRAWL under"
      so be prepared.

      Bill Everett- Trolleys (O)
      Featured on the NMRA tour for Long Beach in 1996 and Anaheim in 2008,
      Bill Everett's O-scale trolley layout is an operating display layout
      for Bill's models. Bill's models have been featured in museums in
      Los Angeles (Los Angeles Railroad Museum) and Sacramento (California
      State Railroad Museum). He has modeled every type of traction
      equipment that ever was on any electric line in the West and even
      some that were proposed and never built. The layout is not handicap

      Goleta Depot/South Coast Railroad Museum (HO, 7 1/2 inch & Prototype)
      The Museum is open to public 1:00 to 4:00 PM. The main building is a
      1901 Southern Pacific #22 Combination Depot. There is also an SP bay
      window caboose. You may have to ask to see the model railroad
      exhibit which is inside the depot in the freight room. They also
      have a 7 1/2 inch gauge ride-upon railroad for $1/ride. Layout is
      not handicap accessible.
      The website is: www.goletadepot.org

      Joe Heumphries- Sierra Railroad (HO & G)
      Joe's HO Sierra Railroad was on the NMRA tour for the Long Beach
      national convention in 1996. He still holds occasional operation
      sessions with local club members. More recently, Joe has been bitten
      by the Garden Railway bug and has created a beautiful layout in his
      back yard. Both are handicap accessible.

      Ron Keehn- Unnamed Railroad (N)
      Ron's layout was originally constructed and displayed at the NMRA
      national convention in San Jose in 2000. It was designed to be
      dismantled. Ron purchased it from the original owner and has
      reassembled it in his living room. Separate loops allow lots of
      action in a compact layout.

      Bruce Morden- Southern Pacific Santa Barbara Sub (HO)
      Bruce's railroad is housed in a two-car garage. The Southern Pacific
      Santa Barbara Subdivision models an area from Carpinteria to Goleta.
      The layout is a work in progress and so far there is no scenery.
      Tracks have been completed on the first of three proposed levels.
      Two staging yards are completed as is one medium-sized yard.
      Construction includes "thin wall", L-girder, and open grid
      benchwork. Roadbed includes solid Masonite spline and plywood-
      Homosote sandwiches. Bruce hopes to one day extend the tracks over
      Cuesta Grade to San Miguel. The layout is handicap accessible.

      Don Newman- Unnamed Railroad (HO)
      Description pending.

      Walter Naumann-UP&W (N)
      Walter's layout takes its inspiration from the Union Pacific on
      Sherman Hill in Wyoming. The main scene is an S-curve that is 50
      feet long. Although still under construction, one can view the
      magnificent 200 (yes-two hundred) inch radius S turn in code 40 track
      is operating and sceniced. Control is Lenz DCC. The layout is
      located under the house in a completed room where Walter and friends
      excavated 100 cubic yards of earth and rock. . The layout is handicap
      accessible using the zigzag ramp from the driveway.

      Gary Siegel- L&N Eastern Kentucky Division (HO)
      Gary's HO scale layout was featured in Model Railroader in April
      1996, Rail Model Journal in January and February 2008 and Model
      Railroad Craftsman in May 2008. The layout was on the NMRA tour for
      the Long Beach national convention in 1996 and the Anaheim convention
      in 2008.

      The Eastern Kentucky Division models an area of coal mines in the
      Appalachians in eastern Kentucky and western Virginia. There are
      interchanges with C&O and N&W. The year is 1971 so both 1st and 2nd
      generation diesel are the rule. The EK is still running its own
      passenger trains. While not an official web site, Richard Barnes has
      taken some amazing photos of the L&N EK Div and they can be viewed at

      The L&N EK Division operates once a month on the first Saturday of
      each month. Operation is by car card and waybill with control using
      Easy DCC. The layout is partially handicap accessible. There are
      some steps in the far north part of the layout.

      Gary Siegel- Southern Pacific, Santa Cruz Div. (G)
      In addition to the HO layout, Gary has been working on a G-gauge
      layout in his back yard. Also designed for operation, the layout is
      still under construction but has over 600 feet of operable track.
      While most of this layout is handicap accessible, there are hills and
      steps in some areas.

      Art Sylvester- La Patera & Pacific Railroad (G)
      Art's garden railroad features a loop (ala Tehachapi) and a wooden
      trestle that Art scratch-built. Several structures and an elevated
      yard section are featured on the layout. This is a railroad in a
      garden. The layout is handicap accessible.
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