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RE: [Model_Railroads_Of_Southern_California] Operation on LA-OC Layouts

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  • Sean Martin
    Operations are held once a month on the first Tuesday night (I think). As I said, we have to work some bugs out with the new DCC system before we get back to
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 1, 2007
      Operations are held once a month on the first Tuesday night (I think).

      As I said, we have to work some bugs out with the new DCC system before we
      get back to operations.

      I included our club president in this message. He should be able to get
      back to us with more details.

      Let me know off-line, the next time you are in town, so we can get together
      for lunch, etc.

      Take care,

      Sean Martin, Vice President
      Twin Imaging Technology, Inc.

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      Sean, is the operations on a particular night and do you allow guest?
      Although I live in Ventura County, I'm in the Vista/Oceanside area alot and
      would be very interested.

      Dan M.

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      >We do have operation nights about once a month at the North Coast Model
      >Railroad Society but we are in Oceanside (North San Diego County). We have

      >not had operations since we installed our new DCC system. We went from
      >Easy DCC to North Coast Engineering. We are still working out some bugs.
      >Additionally, there is a new trestle that has been added to the layout and
      >no trains are permitted to pass over it at this time. It's right on the
      >main line in the middle of hte layout so there is no work around.
      >Take care,
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      >Subject: [Model_Railroads_Of_Southern_California] Operation on LA-OC
      >There has been an effort to get enough layouts and operators together for
      >the 2008 Anaheim convention, but so far, this appears to be disappointing.

      >I haven¢t been able, in a dozen years of working on it on and off, to
      >identify a reliable operating group for my layout, which is
      >operations-capable. My impression is that the few groups that do operate
      >in the LA-OC area aren¢t interested in new members or in branching out to
      >other layouts. However, if you¢d like to contact me off list, I¢m always
      >willing to make another attempt. And if I¢m wrong and there¢s an operating

      >group willing to accept new members, or willing to add a layout to a
      >round-robin scheme, this is the time to let us know!
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