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7509Re: [Model_Railroads_Of_Southern_California] That Gap Between Buildings [4 Attachments]

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  • geodyssey
    Jul 29, 2014

      No gaps between building along a railroad ROW?  That's usually found only in dense urban settings.  Where do you see a long line of buildings, all abuting each other, and then bam, no buildings = rural?  Instead, there's almost always a transition from urban to rural with the density of structures decreasing & spacing increasing as you move away from the urban core.  If you're modeling prototypically, go out and see what's really there, or was there, and model accordingly.

      Robert Simpson.

      ---In Model_Railroads_Of_Southern_California@yahoogroups.com, <hohon3@...> wrote :


      Why do you have gaps in the first place?  If the individual properties run along the the length of the RR right of way, the buildings would be right next to each other, no gaps at all, especially if there is no legal vehicle access to the RR right of way, from those properties.

      Also, beside the actual prototypical look, where the horizon and background continues on forever, you still have to deal with the wall within your gap.  So the question that comes up is, what do you do with the area above and behind the parked truck???

      Eliminating the gap ignores the problem altogether, while creating a gap raises issues about the wall/backdrop detail behind the gap, the sky and horizon.

      I have ten continuous feet of gap-less building flats (King-Mill flats) behind my fiddle yard and I have never been questioned about the lack of gaps.  Sometimes a little artist license provides a solution that is overall better than trying to duplicate the actual prototype look.

      Another thing that will impact your final solution is modeling era, industries served and vehicle right of way . . . which could trump the "artist license" altogether.  For me, eliminating the gaps solved the problem without even bringing it up.


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