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7502Re: Prismacolor Markers On Sale

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  • Ron
    Jul 22, 2014
      As a designer I have used them extensively in concept renderings and sketches.
      As it relates to the hobby, they do have a wide variety of hues with which to work. The most applicable are the muted earthtones and warm and cool grays. The majority of the other colors are of  very high saturate/chroma which are  very garish, intense for modeling.
       Something to keep in mind is 'atmospheric perspective' a concept first attributed on paper by  Da Vince.
      Objects in foreground are more intense(brightness or darkness of a hue) more detailed and more contrasting. Objects in the background less intense, less detailed and have less contrast. Knowing this as a principle will help in modeling not only backdrops, but also, since we are modeling scale. Often models/scenes appear far to intense in hue to be ' believable'.

      The markers work well in weathering both structures and rolling stock, The most important of these markers is one entitled the 'blender' instead of a hue/color. The 'blender' contains  the medium, an alcohol, which you can work and blend down the other markers(washes,fading out weathering,rust streaks,'ghost' herald streaks ect.

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