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7491Re: DCC vs. Dead Rail

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  • psteinmetz
    Jul 27 8:21 AM
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      Charging through the rails is not Dead Rail.  

      I like to remove the battery, hold it in my hand, and inspect it.  Has it grown?  Are all the cells the same size?
      Is it warm?  Just a little visual safety inspection.

      Where this becomes difficult is when the battery is buried in a B unit or a boxcar.

      Dead Rail is developing.  It is for modelers that like to tinker a little.

      Criticisms of Dead Rail usually come from people that have not actually tried Dead Rail.  The ones who try it don't usually complain.

      Dead Rail is not for everyone.  If you want plug-n-play, stick to DCC.

      Pete Steinmetz
      Dead Rail Society
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