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Re: [Mito] Joey and I get to go home!!!

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  • karen brubaker
    Hooray Darla and Joey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to hear that Joey is well enough to go home. We will pray he gets to stay home and not have any
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 1, 2005
      Hooray Darla and Joey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so glad to hear that Joey is well enough to go home. We will pray he gets to stay home and not have any set backs!

      Darla Klein <honeybear50317@...> wrote:
           Great news!  We are being released today and should be home by early evening.  It will be so nice to be at home and to be surrounded by my kids again.  For the time being, they feel joey will be ok without any interention, but we are to watch him closely and let them know if he experiences any pulse-ox drops that don't immediately come back up.  As he gets older he may require more help they said, but for now his O2 levels are doing ok when not stressed.  We will be following up with Pulmonology, ENT, and GI concerning the stridor and reflux issues and also will be seeing Dr. Matthews in neurology and his new neuro-surgeon in December.  So, guess we are set to go home.  Can't wait!!! :)  :)  :)  :)  

      See www.caringbridge.org/ia/mitomomof9 and www.heartbeatsformito.org/smiles.htm
      Darla: mommy to
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      Luke (17)  Leah (15), Rachael (13) Isaac (11), Tirzah (9), Kezia (4),
      Marquis (3) FOUR TOMORROW!!!
      Joey (23 months) Dandy Walker Syndrme,CP, hydrocephalus, corpus callosum dysgenesis, G-tube, GERD, immobile, severe dev. delays, stridor issues...
      Christina (23 months) Prob. CP, Dev. delays, seizures...

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