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Re: Hello other Nancy Mitford fans

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  • Adelaide La Blanche-Dupont
    ... and ... hilarious ... as ... Hi, Susi! Yes, I m out here and I m starting to be a Mitford fan. Two years ago I read Love in a Cold Climate and the Pursuit
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2001
      --- In MitfordNancy@y..., "Susan Banks" <susi_banks@h...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > Is there anyone out there?
      > I have been a Nancy Mitford fan for over 10 years, and particularly
      > like the novels the Pursuit of Love and Love In A Cold Climate.
      > Also I have read a biography of Nancy Mitford by Selina Hastings,
      > The Letters of Nancy Mitford.
      > Recently I was in the UK on holiday/vacation and I went to the town
      > Bath where I went on a Jane Austen walking tour. There was another
      > woman on the tour, a Californian, and she had never heard of Nancy
      > Mitford.
      > I am struck by the fact that few people are aware of Nancy and her
      > novels. It is unfortunate in my opinion, as she is/was an
      > story teller. Perhaps not in the Jane Austen stratosphere, but a
      > more modern version, (if the first half of the 20th century counts
      > modern), with very amusing observations about people.
      > What do you think?
      > Cheers,
      > SUSI (Down Under)

      Hi, Susi!

      Yes, I'm out here and I'm starting to be a Mitford fan. Two years ago
      I read Love in a Cold Climate and the Pursuit of Love and I really
      enjoyed the send-ups of the British upper class and the 1920s
      flappers. I find Uncle Matthew's attitude to Europe a leetle
      offensive. She really is a good storyteller and humourist, and I also
      find her life very interesting.

      Adelaide La Blanche-Dupont

      Cambridge, UK.

      P.S. Where did you go walking in the UK? Any interesting Mitford
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