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46946Re: [mh] Automatically reconnect after USB Insteon PLM disconnected?

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  • Jeff Siddall
    Mar 6, 2014
      On 03/06/2014 08:18 PM, Kevin Robert Keegan wrote:
      > This sounds like a very low level problem, likely down in the serial
      > connection.
      > You might want to play around with the routine serial_startup in
      > lib/Insteon_PLM.pm. Simply calling this routine again may fix your
      > problem. Or maybe you need to delve into the routine serial_port_create
      > in the mh binary.
      > If you can figure it out, you can add a watchdog process that polls the
      > PLM at some frequency and then calls your restart routine when it
      > doesn't respond. Or better yet have it monitor dmesg.

      Thanks for the tips. I had done some poking around in Insteon_PLM and
      agree the solution would be somewhere in the serial item stuff.

      I also considered having udev call some script when the device
      reconnected which would tell MH to restart the connection.

      However, I also now have some faint hope that I may have solved the
      source of the issue. I discovered I had a couple of USB cables plugged
      into the PC that were not connected to anything on the other end. I am
      hoping [against considerable odds] that perhaps RFI is what was causing
      the random bus resets.


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