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46940Re: [mh] Question on xPL-perl

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  • George Clark
    Mar 5, 2014
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      Hi Lieven,

      No joy. I'm using perlbrew, if that makes a difference. I've gone
      through the full install process using 3 different perl installs,
      figuring I might spot something by using a completely clean system.
      Everything builds cleanly, no missing prereqs, and everything installs.
      I won't pummel the list with logs, but if you think it might show
      something useful, I can recreate again on another perl install and
      pastebin them.

      The only thing I have not done is do all this as root, but I really
      don't want to pollute my system perl. Anyway, everything below was done
      after a successful make clean / perl Makefile.PL / make / make install
      for the selected perl.

      At this point from what I can tell, It's only the --device option thats
      broken. If I omit it from xpl-jeenodes, I get the help saying it's
      required. If I omit it from the copy - xpl-jeenodes2, it doesn't
      complain, but fails anyway. --verbose, --ultraverbose and "invalid
      options" checking all work fine.

      gac@laptop: ~/automation/xpl-perl (mh-arduino)$ xpl-jeenodes
      The --device parameter is required
      or the value can be given as a command line argument
      Usage: ...

      gac@laptop: ~/automation/xpl-perl (mh-arduino)$ xpl-jeenodes2
      xPL::Dock->new: device_id invalid
      at /home/gac/perl5/perlbrew/perls/perl-5.8.8/bin/xpl-jeenodes2 line 37

      gac@laptop: ~/automation/xpl-perl (mh-arduino)$ xpl-jeenodes --device foo
      xPL::IOHandler->device_open: TCP connect to 'foo:10001' failed: Invalid
      line 78

      gac@laptop: ~/automation/xpl-perl (mh-arduino)$ xpl-jeenodes2 --device foo
      xPL::Dock->new: device_id invalid
      at /home/gac/perl5/perlbrew/perls/perl-5.8.8/bin/xpl-jeenodes2 line 37

      jeenodes2 is a copy of jeenodes. Only change is the package name:

      gac@laptop: ~/automation/xpl-perl (mh-arduino)$ diff bin/xpl-jeenodes
      < use xPL::Dock qw/Jeenodes/;
      > use xPL::Dock qw/Jeenodes2/;
      gac@laptop: ~/automation/xpl-perl (mh-arduino)$ diff
      lib/xPL/Dock/Jeenodes.pm lib/xPL/Dock/Jeenodes2.pm
      < package xPL::Dock::Jeenodes;
      > package xPL::Dock::Jeenodes2;

      gac@laptop: locate -i jeenodes


      On 03/05/2014 04:54 AM, Lieven Hollevoet wrote:
      > Hey George,
      > you need to perform a ‘make install’ so that the library is updated on you system with the new file you added and so that Client.pm can find the updated code.
      > You will beed to update the MANIFEST file too.
      > The support for developing new code in xpl-perl is not very developer friendly right now. I plan to migrate to Dist::Zille one day, but that will not be for the next weeks/months I’m afraid.
      > Hope this helps you further.
      > Kind regards,
      > Lieven.

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