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46937Re: [mh] Synchrolinc?

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  • Kevin Robert Keegan
    Mar 4 3:18 PM

      You are in luck.  I submitted a pull request a little over a week ago that should support the Synchrolinc.  I don't have one myself, so I have not yet been able to test the code.  You can find it here:

      Checkout the POD documentation for how to enable and configure the synchrolinc, it is a bit of a complicated device.

      Let me know what you find, so I can fix it and we can merge this in.


      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 2:26 PM, H Plato <hplato@...> wrote:
      I'd like to monitor my washing machine down and the basement, and i think the synchrolinc would work. Has anyone done this? From the insteon side, what object would be the closest fit?

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