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46933Re: [mh] Generic_Item also not sending a device id

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  • George Clark
    Mar 1, 2014
      Hi Lieven,

      This one also appears to be a mh bug.

      The issue is the target= field in the xpl-stat message is incorrectly
      formed: target=mhouse.item

      The spec requires that the target either be in the form of
      "vendor-device.instance", or '*" for broadcast target. It also states:

      > For tigger and status messages the target should always be set to a
      > single wildcard symbol "*".

      If I read that correctly, it should probably be being sent as a
      broadcast instead of being a directed message. But tbh, I don't
      understand the purpose of the generic item check messages. Why are
      they being sent every minute, and how would they be used. If it is an
      explicit target, then I assume that it should be configurable?



      On 03/01/2014 09:37 PM, George Clark wrote:
      >> So I think it's a simple fix to Generic_Item.pl.
      > Maybe a bit of wishful thinking here? It looks like there might be
      > another issue. I fixed the msg-type, but now it rejects the messages
      > as missing the device id. I'm now more suspicious of the hub, or
      > maybe the mhouse.item schema needs to be registered with the hub?
      > http://www.xpl4java.org/xPL4Linux/downloads/xPLHub.tgz
      > Anyway, here is the debug log from the hub. I've generated a pull
      > request for the xpl-xpl-stat fix. It's pull request #377.
      > George
      > Log from ./xPL_Hub -xpldebug -nodaemon -debug
      > 14/03/01 21:07:00 xPL_DEBUG: Just read 156 bytes as packet [xpl-stat
      > {
      > hop=1
      > source=mhouse-mh.misterhouse
      > target=mhouse.item
      > }
      > mhouse.item
      > {
      > mh_target=
      > name=$v_http_control
      > set_by=time
      > state=Check
      > state_prev=Check
      > }
      > ]

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