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46931[mh] xpl errors reported by external hub

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  • George Clark
    Mar 1, 2014
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      Hi Lieven,

      I've found the issue causing the xpl errors being reported by the
      external hub. When Generic_Item.pm sends an xpl status message, it
      makes the following call - line 1119

      if ($send_xpl and $set_by !~ /^xpl/i) {
      &xPL::sendXpl('mhouse.item', 'xpl-stat', 'mhouse.item' =>
      {name => $$ref{object_name}, state => $state,
      state_prev => $$ref{state_prev}, set_by => $set_by, mh_target => $target});

      However in xPL_Item.pm, the msg_type is prepended with the "xpl-"
      prefix. The end result is an xpl message with the msg-type of
      "xpl-xpl-stat" which is rejected by the hub. A quick grep for sendXpl
      shows that all other calls in the core don't use the xpl- prefix. So I
      think it's a simple fix to Generic_Item.pl.

      sub sendXpl {
      if ( defined($xpl_send) ) {
      my ( $target, $msg_type, @data ) = @_;
      my ( $parms, $msg );
      $msg = "xpl-$msg_type\n{\nhop=1\nsource="
      . &xPL::get_xpl_mh_source_info() . "\n";


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