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46928Re: [mh] xPL sensors

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  • Lieven Hollevoet
    Mar 1, 2014
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      Hey George,

      Op 27-feb.-2014, om 22:49 heeft George Clark <geomh@...> het volgende geschreven:

      > On 02/27/2014 03:40 PM, George Clark wrote:
      >>> Johan Braeken's suggestion was also very important. misterhouse ignores
      >>>> xPL messages originated from it's own IP.
      >>>> Do you mean MisterHouse-generated messages, or all messages that are generated on the same machine? I’m using a machine that runs MisterHouse next to multiple other programs that generate xPL messages and MisterHouse receives those messages well (note: only when I’m using the separate hub program, so this problem might be internal-hub related, and maybe another reason not to use the internal hub).
      >> Hmm... It doesn't seem to matter which hub I use. Sending the exact
      >> same message, one originated locally, and one originated on a 2nd
      >> system. In both cases they are parsed identically - the db4 debug
      >> messages are the same. But when originated local to misterhouse, I
      >> don't get any state events.
      > [..]

      > I noticed one more thing though. I started mh before I started the
      > hub, and nothing was going through. After I restarted mh, then all
      > was working.

      This is normal. Multiple programs running on the same computer cannot bind to the same listening port to receive the messages that are broadcasted on the xPL broadcast port. Hence we need a hub: the hub binds to the listen port, and clients bind to the hub. The hub then distributes the received messages to the clients. If you first start MisterHouse then it binds to the xPL reserved listen port. Other clients or the hub cannot bind then and hence the xPL message distribution fails.
      You always need to start the hub first. When the hub is running you can start the clients.

      > I just tried again. left mh up, but stopped and
      > restarted the hub, and nothing gets through any more to
      > misterhouse. I thought that mh would reconnect if the hub wasn't
      > available when it started, or when it fails and restarts later.

      Nope, it does not work that way I’m afraid.

      Kind regards,
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