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45970Re: [mh] Misterhouse faq page - some titles not listed

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  • JimMH
    Nov 2, 2013
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      I ran across a long thread discussing documentation from around Feb 2013
      where this page was identified as having missing lines. I realize this is a
      volunteer effort. And I do appreciate the efforts and amount of time people
      put in. Even though I have been fooling around off and on with mh for
      years I am still very much a novice. There seems to be much discussion on
      the list about how to properly document things. From my point of view what
      is needed is very basic information about how to do basic things (like my
      recent request for how to set up a new serial item. I got an excellent
      response btw) Although some have suggested throwing out everything and
      starting over I think that would be a disaster for getting new people into
      the project. My biggest fear is that the old information will go away. I
      find I refer to the older stuff the most and some of the newer stuff seems
      to leave out some of the details a newbie might need. I would like to
      contribute what I can by writing up detailed info on how I got different
      things to work.

      I don't know how to fix the issue in the OP (but would be willing to give it
      a shot with some info on how to do it - it may be easier than cutting and
      pasting all the missing items in this post...). I do see that the page is
      ok on the internet archive in the last 2012 version. The missing titles are
      below. All the information seems to be in the page farther down, just some
      links in the beginning index are missing.

      1.6: How are the X10 and Serial Items implemented, indpendent of the
      1.7: mh seems way too complicated. How can I run something simple?
      1.8: Is there a way I can have direct X10 control with a simple perl script?
      1.12: How can I debug time event problem?
      1.14: How does mh read and use the user code in code_dir
      1.15 How can I control mh from a non-mh web server like Apache?
      1.18: Is there a way to tell if MH is shutdown correctly or not?
      1.19: How can I use an Internet Appliance with MisterHouse?
      1.20: Where is perl program code located?

      2: MisterHouse coding questions
      2.3: How should I structure my Perl code?
      2.4: Can I create global variables that can be shared between code members?
      2.5: How can I move code out of the loop code?
      2.6: How can I add my own subroutines?
      2.10: How can I turn a bunch of lights on/off all at once?
      2.11: How do I get mh to stop telling the time each minute?
      2.12: Can do I send mh comands via email?
      2.13: How can I control Command Categories
      2.14: How can I measure time between two nearly spaced events?
      2.15: What is the format of MisterHouse X10 codes?
      2.16: How are states set for each pass though the user code loop?
      2.17: Common Perl and mh coding errors
      3.2 How can I set the default volume level for Festival?
      This one is 3.4 but should be 3.5 as there is are two 3.4s in the archives
      way back...
      3.4: How do get Linux to play more than one sound at the same time
      4.2: How do I set setup networking between Windows boxes
      5: Perl questions
      5.2 What are good editors to use with perl?
      6.2: Who is that Bruce guy anyway?
      6.4: Misc Home Automation links
      (note 6.5 info probably needs to be updated...)
      6.5: How do I contribute additions or updates to the mh code?
      6.6 What is X10?
      6.7 What do I need to use the iButtons?
      6.8 What sort of hardware do you have in your house?

      7.0: Setup Questions
      7.2: Customizing the TV guide
      7.3: How can I point MisterHouse to a custom web interface?

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