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45969Re: [mh] Festival on Audreys & local

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  • Jim Duda
    Nov 2, 2013
      On 10/30/2013 11:05 PM, H Plato wrote:
      > Now that I have some house speakers, I’ve finally connected the local audio output. I’ve been using festival with multisyn voices on 4 Audreys with good results (other than they are naturally out of sync so a speech event is off by a second or so on the different floors).
      > So I connected the main out to an amp and generated speech. Audrey started with the familar voice, and then about 2 seconds later the local audio played and it was an entirely different voice! It looks like Voice_Text isn’t using the festival client, but rather is spawning a brand new instance of festival because the socket hasn’t closed yet. This is the line in Voice_Text.pm
      > if ($VTxt_festival and active $VTxt_festival)
      > I’ve also tried to disable audreyspeak.pl, but get silence.In a perfect scenario, the speech gets generated once and then sent to the receivers (local, audrey, tablets). I think Steve might be workign on this with his PA object.

      It's possible to call festival just once to generate the generated voice to a file, push that file to audrey's, tables, and use aplay (or other) to send the audio to the local sound card.
      This might make the delay between local and remote devices closer, but it will never be perfect. In fact, it might even be worse!
      The audreys' are rather slow devices. So, if you send audio to the local sound server and audrey's at the same time, the local audio is going to play much sooner.

      > Here are the speak/voice settings from my mh.private.ini
      > speak_engine=festival
      > voice_text=festival
      > voice_text_festival=/usr/bin/festival
      > festival_host=localhost
      > festival_port=1314
      > voice_names = male=>male1, mike=>male1, sam=>male2, elder_male =>male3, mary=>female
      > speak_apps_default = email => voice=male rooms=all, deep_thought => voice=male rooms=all,
      > tagline => voice=male rooms=all, chatbot => voice=male rooms=all,
      > top10 => voice=male rooms=all, timer => voice=male rooms=all,
      > tv => voice=male rooms=all, phone => rooms=all mode=unmuted,
      > router => voice=mail no_chime=1, system => mode=mute,
      > dvd => mode=mute, frog => voice=mail,
      > cashier => chime=cash_register voice=mail
      > speak_apps_default = email => voice=male rooms=all, deep_thought => voice=male rooms=all,
      > Here is the log when I send speech.
      > Speaking eliza data with voice=male, compression=

      I cannot explain how you could get one voice to the audrey's and a different voice to the local sound card.
      I have posted my settings below. I don't see any obvious difference to your to explain the behavior.
      Do you have any code modules which might be changing the %parms to Speak_Text?

      voice_text = festival # Voice synthesis
      (set! server_access_list '("[^.]+" "" "localhost.*" "linux"))
      (Parameter.set 'Audio_Command "aplay -D misterhouse -q -c 1 -t raw -f s16 -r $SR $FILE")
      (Parameter.set 'Audio_Method 'Audio_Command)
      (Parameter.set 'Audio_Required_Rate 48000)
      voice_names = male=>us2_mbrola, mike=>us2_mbrola, sam=>us3_mbrola, elder_male =>us1_mbrola,

      speak_apps_default = email => voice=us2_mbrola rooms=all, deep_thought => voice=next,
      tagline => voice=next, chatbot => voice=us2_mbrola,
      top10 => voice=us2_mbrola, timer => voice=us2_mbrola rooms=all
      tv => voice=us2_mbrola rooms=all, phone => rooms=all_and_out mode=unmuted,
      notice => rooms=all, goofy => rooms=all,
      router => voice=us2_mbrola, news => rooms=all,
      weather => rooms=all,
      speak_apps = email => voice=us2_mbrola rooms=all

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