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Re: [MinnesotaMosaicGuild] Meeting Topic & location!

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  • Jyni Koschak
    Hi, I m recovering from a flu thing, so I can t make it--but keep me in the planning loop. jyni ... From: lburlis To: MinnesotaMosaicGuild@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 12, 2008
      Hi, I'm recovering from a flu thing, so I can't make it--but keep me in the planning loop.
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      From: lburlis
      Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 1:53 PM
      Subject: [MinnesotaMosaicGuild] Meeting Topic & location!

      Hi Everyone-Sorry about all the confusion about the meeting location-
      I too thought the yahoo group sends out reminder with the locations
      and dates and I don't know why it didn't happen this time. The
      Northrup King building is a good idea but I think it's too late to
      change the location for this month- let's try for that in April!!The
      meeting was set for Walker Church in South Mpls 3 weeks ago.
      See potential agenda at bottom of message.
      Address is:
      Walker United Methodist Community Church
      3104 16th Ave S
      Mpls, MN 55407
      Walker Church is the "birthplace" of KFAI Radio and In the Heart of
      the Beast Puppet Theater. It's a big red brick building on the
      southwest corner of 16th Ave S and 31st St, one block south of Lake
      St. and one block east of Bloomington Ave S. Parking is on the
      street. Enter the church on the side door marked "Office" on the 16th
      Ave Side and go down the stairs. We'll set up our buffet in the
      kitchen and meet in the "Lounge".

      Directions from the East:
      Take I-94 west to the Cedar Ave Exit (Exit 234C).
      Turn left (south) on Cedar and go .2 miles to where Cedar turns to
      the right.
      Turn right onto Cedar and go 11 blocks (1.0 mile) to 31st St.
      Turn right onto 31st and go 3 blocks to 16th Ave S.
      Church is on the left.

      Directions from the South:
      Take 35W North to 31st St/Lake St exit.
      Turn right onto 31st St and go 1 mile to 16th Ave S. (One block past
      Bloomington. )
      Church is on the right.

      Directions from the West and North:
      Get to I-94 going East.
      Merge onto Exit 234A which is Hwy 55, also called Hiawatha Ave.
      Go .2 mile to Cedar Aev Exit.
      Turn right onto Cedar and go .8 miles to 31st St.
      Turn right onto 31st and go 3 blocks to 16th Ave S.
      Church is on the left.

      Because we have a lot to do on Wednesday night, with the shows coming
      up and all, I'm wondering if anyone is signed up for running the
      meeting, and if not,can someone who's "feeling focussed" volunteer?
      I'm putting a potential agenda here to get us up and running:
      6:30 pm- Meet for potluck
      1.At 7pm: old business:
      -membership & member directory update 5 min(Judy Sell)
      -finance update 5 min(Laura Burlis)
      -Metro State Show Update 15 min (Gil Gragert)
      2. At 7:30 : new business:
      -Art-A-Whirl/ Northrup King opportunity 15 min (Sheryl T., Stephany
      Eaton, et all- who wants to spearhead this?)
      -if time: discussion on how to create "board" and decide on decision
      making processes of group: by voting? simple majority? concensus?
      Board authorized? 15 min (who wants to take this on?)
      3. 8pm Topic Presentation: Kim Buell and Laura Burlis on Uses of
      Polymer Clay in Mosaic- we're going to have fun with this!
      4. 9pm Q&A, Cleanup, view Mural designed by Laura in front entrance
      of church on your way out if people want.

      The church is also hosting a meeting of the MN Artists with
      Disabilities that night from 6-8pm, and Laura has invited members of
      that group to join us for the polymer clay presentation after their
      meeting is over. (Only a couple will likely accept.)

      Laura Burlis
      email: lauraburlis@ juno.com
      Tel: 612-729-0757
      3845 Cedar Ave S
      Minneapolis, MN 55407

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