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Re: [Minn-Max] Re: Minn-Max at the Motorcycle Show

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  • Tom Kuehn
    Sounds like a great plan, Adam. I was a bit concerned about the walk to lunch this year, due to the weather. See you Saturday! TomK Adam Davila
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      Sounds like a great plan, Adam.  I was a bit concerned about the walk to lunch this year, due to the  weather.  See you Saturday!

      Adam Davila <davilaguy@...> wrote:
      So, anyone planning on scootering to the Motorcycle show?  Brrrr!  Saturday sure looks like it is going to be a chilly one.  About the time we go out to lunch we should be approaching the daytime high temperature of two below zero!
      After careful review of nearby restaurants, I think we should plan on hitting "Taxxi: An American Bistro" in the Hyatt Regency hotel.  While not cheap, they aren't too expensive, they can handle a large party, and most importantly we can walk to them through the sky-way. (Momma didn't raise no dummies!)  We had lunch there a couple years back during the show and while their service was a little slower than some places, the food was excellent quality and they had plenty of space.  Taxxi's is also the closest place via the skyway, a BIG plus after walking the motorcycle show for three or four hours.
      Anyway, that's the plan.  Hope to see many of my old and new Minn-Max friends on Saturday.
      - Adam -
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    • Adam Davila
      Phyllis and I had a great time seeing many of our riding friends at the Motorcycle Show on Saturday. We encountered quite a few Minn-Max rs and a number of
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        Phyllis and I had a great time seeing many of our riding friends at the Motorcycle Show on Saturday.  We encountered quite a few Minn-Max'rs and a number of other scooter and motorcycle riders we know.  In the end eleven of us enjoyed lunch and conversation at Taxxi in the Hyatt.
        Included in that eleven from way up norte was Kevin "IronRanger" Hendrickson.  I must say that I was disappointed before that I wasn't going to be able to make the rally he's organizing.  Now having had the chance to chat face-to-face, I'm genuinely saddened that I'll be missing out on what should be a great time.  Let me again encourage those Minn-Max'rs that can to consider making the not too distant trek to Virginia, Minnesota in early June.  (Link to info below.)
        As for the show itself, as Gary Charpentier mentioned the blog he writes does point out much of the scooter related aspects in his first installment of the event.  And while Gary and I might differ in personal taste here and there he does a nice job at covering many of scootery highlights.  (Link to blog below.)
        The show this year was much more about catching up with friends for me and seeing what maxiscooter Phyllis might step up to, then actually looking at the machines and accessories.  Don't get me wrong, I did my share of that too, but with the plethora of dealers and demo days I visited last year, there was little that was "new" to get excited about for me.
        There were a few scooters that did get some attention.  One was the Piaggio MP3 for the oddity appeal of the two-wheel front, one-wheel back lean-able contraption.  Another was the Vespa GT60 for its modern evocation of vintage 1940-1950 style scooters.  Also as anticipated, I was a bit smitten with the Kymco People S 200, an upright sitting, modern general purpose scoot.  Interestingly to me was how much more comfortable I found the riding position on the People S 200 compared to the very similar People S 250.  For my stature, it just fit better.
        While I myself have no immediate plans for replacing my Bajaj Chetak 150, I must say there would be two contenders for that honor.  The aforementioned Kymco People S 200 and the amazing Vespa GTS250ie.  Both would give me the extra umph needed to ride them on roads with speed limits higher than 50 mph, which is the top end for the Chetak carrying my bulk.  The Kymco of course would be the more cost effective choice at nearly half the price of the Vespa.  Ah... but there is just something about a Vespa.
        My trusty 2003 Suzuki Burgman 650 has no worries of being replaced this year.  Oh, I do have my eye on the 2007 magnificently colored red Burgman 650 Executive, but this year if any scooter is purchased it will be to get something for Phyllis more powerful than her stalwart, but lightweight 2001 Honda Reflex.
        On that topic, the Honda Silver Wing 600 and Suzuki Burgman 400 seem to be the front runners for Phyllis next maxiscooter.  She hopes for the opportunity for a demo day to try each of them out, but found both comfortable, well balanced at a stand still, and can easily flat-foot either.  The Yamaha Majesty 400, while a fine machine, was just a bit too tall in the saddle for Phyllis to take off the center stand without a lot of effort and we pretty much eliminated the Suzuki Burgman 650 last year due to its overall challenge in moving it by foot power.  Heck, I sometimes find it a bear to push in the garage myself.
        Okay, I've rambled on enough for now.  Watch for details hopefully later this week on the Minn-Max planning meeting.  For now keep the early afternoon of Sunday, March 11th open, as that is the most likely date for the event.
        Be well, stay warm, and keep on scoot'n!
        - Adam D. -
        Link to Gary's blog: http://www.ridetowork.org/blog/
        Link to info on Kevin's rally: http://www.maxi-scoots.com

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