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A glance at Kentucky's and West Virginia's new mine safety laws

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  • Rob McGee
    A glance at Kentucky s and West Virginia s new mine safety laws WVEC.com - Norfolk,VA,USA Associated Press July 8, 2006 Key points of Kentucky s law: . In the
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      A glance at Kentucky's and West Virginia's new mine safety laws
      WVEC.com - Norfolk,VA,USA
      Associated Press
      July 8, 2006 

      Key points of Kentucky's law:
      •In the event of a fatality or serious injury at a mine, a mine supervisor has 15 minutes to report the incident to the state Office of Mine Safety and Licensing.
      •All underground mines must provide each miner with an additional air pack that contains at least an hour of air.
      •Miners must participate in escapeway drills once every 90 days.
      •No mine supervisor shall terminate or discipline a miner for reporting unsafe mining practices to regulatory agencies.
      •Each underground mine must have a two-way communication system, such as telephones, between the surface and underground operations.
      •Emergency action plans must be submitted with each application of a mine license to operate an underground coal mine.
      Key points of West Virginia's law:
      •Miners must be provided with emergency communicators and tracking devices.
      •Mine operators must store extra air supplies underground.
      •Mandates creation of a Mine and Industrial Accident Rapid Response System, featuring a statewide all-hours hot line to trigger rescue efforts more quickly.
      •Miners would be directed to the extra air supplies by battery-powered strobe lights, reflective signs and guide ropes.
      •Companies must install low frequency, wireless systems that connect miners to the surface through a series of transponders.
      •Miners would be required to wear battery-powered electronic tracking devices.

      United States Mine Rescue Association
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