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Neoway NLP Practitioner Certification Program, Jan 2013!

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  • dandekar.gayatri
    Hi All, I am Gayatri Dandekar, a coach at Neoway Academy, Bangalore, a Training and Coaching Organization, that over the last 9 years has specialized in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2012
      Hi All, 

      I am Gayatri Dandekar, a coach at Neoway Academy, Bangalore, a Training and Coaching Organization, that over the last 9 years has specialized in training and Application of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a cutting edge science which studies patterns of Human Excellence. 

      I would like to share with you about our Next Neoway NLP Practitioner Certification Program in Bangalore. 

      Dates: 28th Jan - 3rd Feb 2013
      Timings: 9am to 6pm 

      This Program is experiential in nature and is designed to enable you to fully understand and practice the skills of NLP in your daily profession, work situations and for your own growth and personal achievement. You will also get an understanding of how you can use these tools to work with and empower other people around you. 

      Through the program you will learn how to manage your emotions powerfully, Set powerful goals for yourself and others, You will learn how to be more effective and influential in your communication, Build rapport with people at an conciousness level. You will also learn how you can create excellent results in different areas of your life.

      Through this course, you can also be Certified as an NLP Practitioner by NFNLP, USA (National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming). 

      A brief introduction to NLP: 

      NLP is a science that studies patterns of Human Excellence and looks at understanding and teaching people how they can create excellent results in different areas of their lives. NLP teaches people how to think and communicate in more useful ways. It explores HOW we think and HOW we behave. It allows you to discover what's going on when you are doing something well and not doing something well. 

      NLP enables you to change, adopt and eliminate behaviours, as you desire. It provides you with the ability and skills to choose your mental, emotional and physical states at will. NLP also explores Communication Excellence and looks at how you and I can powerfully communicate with ourselves and with others. 

      NLP is now applied and used in many fields by people such as Therapy, Business, Marketing and Sales, Training, Sports, Consulting, Health, Coaching and Education to achieve excellence for themselves and also to help people around them create excellent results. 

      I request you to kindly write back to me if you have any queries or clarifications about the course. Please do feel free to call me if you would like any more information about the Program, NLP or the Certification. 

      If you would like to have a look at the detailed e-brochure of the course, please mail me at  gayatri@... or call me on 099866 35212 OR leave me with your e-mail id / contact number and I will revert back with the details at the earliest. Thank you. 

      I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you and have a wonderful day ahead! 

      Warm Regards, 
      Neoway Academy 
      +91 99866 35212 

      PS: You can also connect with Neoway on Facebook now!! Please visit the link below and like our page to join us on facebook! www.facebook.com/nlpindia.neowayacademy 
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