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Re: [Mens_Sana_Monographs_A_Healthy_Mind] Marquis Who's Who 2017 Alb

Thanks, Sudhir.Thought so.Would be interested to know if if there is a contrary opinion, Ajai29 June 2017 Dr. Ajai Singh M.D., Editor, Mens Sana Monographs,
Ajai Singh
Jun 29

Marquis Who's Who 2017 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Aw

Received this a few day's back. Is this something genuine, or just a spam? ///////////////////////////// We are pleased to announce that Marquis Who's Who has
Ajai Singh
Jun 28

Celebrating Motherhood

For your listening pleasure: Tere sone ke liye jo jage, us'e maa kehte hain Kuch chah ke bhi na mange, us'e maa kahte hain[The one who remains awake so you can
Ajai Singh
May 16

For your listening pleasure

Just released by Sony DADCTujhe Chaman Mein Dekh Ke | Album: Khushnuma Raat Hai - A Musical Embrace | Dr. Ajai R. Singh ... Tujhe Chaman Mein Dekh Ke | Album:
Ajai Singh
May 5

From Sony DADC For Your Listening Pleasure

Delighted to share with you that Sony DADC has just released thisYouTube video to coincide with Valentine’s Day.Enjoy!Khushnuma Raat Hai - A Musical Embrace
Ajai Singh
Feb 14

Russell interview: deliciously irreverent

This is Bertrand Russell at 87.Describing how he went to prison, was removed from 2 universities for his views on sexuality, and how his smoking saved his
Ajai Singh
Feb 2

MSM 2016 is uploaded at PubMed and PMC

Have pleasure letting you know that MSM 2016 is now uploaded at PubMed and PMCPubMed
Ajai Singh
Jan 17

Re: Happy New Year

Best Wishes for you too, Ajai! Alfredo Pereira and family 2017-01-01 7:55 GMT-02:00 Ajai Singh mensanamonographs@...
Jan 1

Happy New Year

Every new year We just write footnotes to the old With the fond hope The footnotes continue To remain relevant to the main text.
Ajai Singh
Jan 1

Where is MSM on PubMed and PubMed Central

You can browse Mens Sana Monographs both on PubMedMens Sana Monogr[jo] - PubMed - NCBI ... Mens Sana Monogr[jo] - PubMed - NCBI By pubmeddev PubMed comprises
Ajai Singh
Nov 13, 2016

Neural Implications of Psychotherapy, Pharmacotherapy, and Combined

In latest issue of MSM 2016. Happy browsing. Neural Implications of Psychotherapy, Pharmacotherapy, and Combined Treatment in Major Depressive Disorder ...
Ajai Singh
Nov 6, 2016

Neuromodulation, Emotional Feelings and Affective Disorders

In the latest issue of MSM 2016: Neuromodulation, Emotional Feelings and Affective Disorders-Fushun Wang, Alfredo Periera Jr ABSTRACT Affective disorders such
Ajai Singh
Nov 5, 2016

Positive Psychiatry, Neuroscience, End of Life, and Other Essays

HAPPY DEEPAWALI FRIENDS. Delighted to present a bumper issue of MSM 2016 for your Deepawali browsing pleasure. It's called: Positive Psychiatry, Neuroscience,
Ajai Singh
Oct 30, 2016

Happy Deepawali with a wish

Good morning and a very Happy Deepawali to you. With a wish that this ‘Festival of Lights’ helps light up every aspect of your life.
Ajai Singh
Oct 28, 2016

Re: Mens Sana Monogr - New issue online

Delighted to inform you that MSM 2016 is now online.
Ajai Singh
Oct 27, 2016
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