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[Fwd: Lewis/Bridging emotion theory and neurobiology: BBS Call for Commentators]

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  • Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy
    FYI Dear Dr. Rams?y, Below please find the abstract, keywords, and a link to the full text of the forthcoming BBS target article: Bridging emotion theory and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2004

      Dear Dr. Rams?y,

      Below please find the abstract, keywords, and a link to the full text
      of the forthcoming BBS target article:

      Bridging emotion theory and neurobiology
      through dynamic system modeling

      Marc D. Lewis

      This article has been accepted for publication in Behavioral and
      Brain Sciences (BBS), an international, interdisciplinary journal
      providing Open Peer Commentary on important and controversial current
      research in the biobehavioral and cognitive sciences.

      Commentators must be BBS Associates or suggested by a BBS Associate.
      To be considered as a commentator for this article, to suggest other
      appropriate commentators, or for information about how to become a
      BBS Associate, please reply by EMAIL within three (3) weeks to:


      The Calls are sent to 10,000 BBS Associates, so there is no
      expectation (indeed, it would be calamitous) that each recipient
      should comment on every occasion! Hence there is no need to reply
      except if you wish to comment, or to suggest someone to comment.

      If you are not a BBS Associate, please approach a current BBS
      Associate (there are currently over 10,000 worldwide) who is familiar
      with your work to nominate you. All past BBS authors, referees and
      commentators are eligible to become BBS Associates. An electronic
      list of current BBS Associates is available at this location to help
      you select a name:


      If no current BBS Associate knows your work, please send us your
      Curriculum Vitae and BBS will circulate it to appropriate Associates
      to ask whether they would be prepared to nominate you. (In the
      meantime, your name, address and email address will be entered into
      our database as an unaffiliated investigator.)

      To help us put together a balanced list of commentators, it
      would be most helpful if you would send us an indication of the
      relevant expertise you would bring to bear on the paper, and what
      aspect of the paper you would anticipate commenting upon.

      Please DO NOT prepare a commentary until you receive a formal
      invitation, indicating that it was possible to include your name on
      the final list, which is constructed so as to balance areas of
      expertise and frequency of prior commentaries in BBS.


      Bridging emotion theory and neurobiology through dynamic
      system modeling

      Marc D. Lewis, University of Toronto

      ABSTRACT: Efforts to bridge emotion theory with neurobiology can be
      facilitated by dynamic systems modeling. Dynamic systems principles
      stipulate higher-order wholes emerging from lower-order constituents
      through bidirectional causal processes?offering a common language for
      psychological and neurobiological models. After identifying some
      limitations of mainstream emotion theory, I apply dynamic systems
      principles to emotion-cognition relations. A psychological model of
      self-organizing emotion-appraisal states is then proposed, based on
      this reconceptualization. Next, neural structures and functions
      underpinning emotion and appraisal processes are reviewed, and
      dynamical mechanisms for integrating them are presented in detail.
      Finally, the psychological model is revised according to explicit
      correspondences between psychological and neural events.

      KEYWORDS: appraisal, bidirectional causality, cognition, dynamic
      systems, emotion, neurobiology, part-whole relations,

      FULL TEXT: http://www.bbsonline.org/Preprints/Lewis-01212003/Referees/


      (1) Call for Book Nominations for BBS Multiple Book Review

      In the past, Behavioral and Brain Sciences (BBS) had only been able
      to do 1-2 BBS multiple book treatments per year, because of our
      limited annual page quota. BBS's new expanded page quota will make
      it possible for us to increase the number of books we treat per
      year, so this is an excellent time for BBS Associates and
      biobehavioral/cognitive scientists in general to nominate books you
      would like to see accorded BBS multiple book review.

      (Authors may self-nominate, but books can only be selected on the
      basis of multiple nominations.) It would be very helpful if you
      indicated in what way a BBS Multiple Book Review of the book(s) you
      nominate would be useful to the field (and of course a rich list of
      potential reviewers would be the best evidence of its potential

      Please note: Your email address has been added to our user database for
      Calls for Commentators, the reason you received this email. If you do not
      wish to receive further Calls, please feel free to change your mailshot
      status through your User Login link on the BBSPrints homepage, using your
      username and password. Or, email a response with the word "remove" in the
      subject line.

      Jeffrey Gray - Editor

      Behavioral and Brain Sciences

      Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy
      *** Neuropsychologist, Ph.d. student

      Homepage: www.ramsoy.dk
      E-mail: thomasr@...

      Managing Editor
      Science & Consciousness Review

      Nordic Network for Consciousness Studies


      Mind & Brain
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