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Mind and Metaphysics

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  • Dick Richardson
    Mind and Metaphysics. Good morning Leon and other non Materialists. Wow, you have seen and lived through some things there Leon, I sure don t want to be here
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2009
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      Mind and Metaphysics.


      Good morning Leon and other non Materialists. Wow, you have seen and lived through some things there Leon, I sure don't want to be here at 80 – I did not want to be here at 60 :- ) But I had another child at 52, and I love kids. So I had to stick around a wee bit longer in this crazy nut-case of world of utter morons and retards.


      Left this group yesterday but felt obliged to return today in order to respond, in general terms anyway, to the responses to my own few emails here. I see the files section is now open. I uploaded a file Leon by another guy called Leon, from Bath in America, it is called the SSM Model. Some of you non materialists might be interested in it.


      But how can one sum up quick within an email, difficult alas.  I am one of those  folks which society calls a Mystic – or a Miss-Tick :- )  Tis their word not mine. I am just an order guy, from the slums of London, with no education, yet has seem some amazing things.  I did not ask for them, I did not want them, I did not search for them, in fact I fought against them (the big one) for twenty years. I lost that battle – I am glad to say. What was the battle against exactly?  Life, I guess :- )  Life AS IS. I had found stuff which just did not make sense, it did not fit in with a world such as this is, and it was just too WAY OUT.  I fund myself, my consciousness not my personality and thinking abilities, in an eternal place of utter perfection, beyond tome and space as we know it here. It took three hours – `away from here'.  I have described it all (and the journey) in fine gran detail – they do say like nobody has ever done before. But, be all that as it is.  But twenty years later something happened, here on earth shall we say, that brought it ALL together and united everything – the world and that `place', `realm' mode of conscious existence. I called that event the Cosummatum Incarnate – Paradise on Earth, As it was in Essence in Eternity so too was it now on Earth in manifest form in time and space. I wept at the incredible and profound beauty of it all.


      So when they heard bits about this (from others not me) they asked me to write about it all. I said no. But the guy who won the Noble Prize for uniting two of four fundamental forces of the physical universe (he was also a mystics) insisted that I write it. As did many other scientists and psychologists. So I did it. And then came all the death threats :- )  Not that that bothered me – for I can fight – come from the slums remember :- )


      So in a way I am a materialist in that I love material things, the world, the hills the valleys the rivers, the animals, it is a fantastically beautiful and profound place. But it seem the senses have widened up their scope too and I see more of it then many claim to see. Also I love the physical touch of a lover. The feel of skin and breath, the touch of love etc. Why am I happy to go?  Only because of the sadness that human beings make here, cause here. The corruption, the degradation of the essence of what it is to be a life form and a human being.  It is hard to take when one loves with such a passion. And it has been a long hard life, done so much, seen so much, fought so many fights (mostly verbal but not all) And I guess it is a kind of tiredness and just wanting to go home now.  One can only take so much you know. And all the kids are grown up now, so I am not needed here any more. Done my bit I guess.  So, there you go. Just another one of life's frigging weirdo's I guess.  But no complains here.


      Have a good and inspiring and useful life.


      Best Regards,

      Dick Richardson.

      West Somerset. UK.



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