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Naujienos apie standarta (anglu kalba)

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Labas. Siunciu ziniarasti anglu kalba apie musu laboratorijos veikla kuriant standarta. Iteiksiu pasiulyma Infraraudonuju Duomenu Asociacijos susirinkime
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2000
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      Labas. Siunciu ziniarasti anglu kalba apie musu laboratorijos veikla
      kuriant standarta. Iteiksiu pasiulyma Infraraudonuju Duomenu
      Asociacijos susirinkime kita savaite. Ziniarastis yra kartu kvietimas

      Kas skaito anglu kalba, kvieciu siusti tuscia laiska
      caringaboutthinking-subscribe@egroups.com ir taip uzsiprenumeruoti
      laboratorijos ziniarasti, kuris iseina karta i savaite kita. Tiesiog
      nespeju pranesti lietuviu kalba, tad jeigu kas apsiimtu santraukas
      pristatyti musu grupei lietuviu kalba, likciau dekingas.


      April 5, 2000. An update from the Minciu Sodas laboratory devoted to
      caring about thinking.

      Directional Proposal: "Exploratory IrDAKiss"
      Product Pavilion: What will conversion look like?
      Thanks to Our Members!
      Call for Participation

      Are you a maker or user of software for organizing thoughts? In this
      update, we invite you to participate through the Minciu Sodas laboratory
      at the standards meeting of the Infrared Data Association, April 11th,
      San Francisco, California, USA.

      Directional Proposal: "Exploratory IrDAKiss"

      Our director, Andrius Kulikauskas, has submitted to the Infrared Data
      Association, IrDA, www.irda.org , a directional proposal for the
      "Exploratory IrDAKiss" This proposed standard will facilitate
      experimentation with the transfer of structured collections of notes and
      other expressions of thoughts. Currently, authors suffer whenever the
      software they use gets discontinued and they are forced to abandon the
      thoughts they have tended. Our standard will allow authors to choose
      from a variety of software tools to accumulate, organize, and reflect on
      their own thoughts. More generally, this will foster the bundling
      together of experiences, in the form of images, text, voice, cash,
      applets, and so on. The exchange of such experience packages will be
      especially meaningful across Infrared connections, arguably the most
      personal way of exchanging electronic information. Infrared is the
      wireless technology by which individuals beam information, for example,
      from one handheld device to another. This social act may be thought of
      as a kiss, an "irdakiss".

      Tuesday, April 11th, 1:00-2:00pm, the IrDA Special Interest Group IrFLOW
      (Flow of Experiences) will review our directional proposal and vote
      whether to recommend to move the document forward. Approval by the
      Technical Committee, and by the Board, will open the way for the next
      steps, which are approval of draft, and approval of final. Our
      laboratory worked to set up IrFLOW, which has the charter to "create an
      infrastructure to accumulate, heighten, reflect on and respond to
      experiences." A thoughtful format may expand the flow of ideas and
      experiences across Infrared connections in the way that HTML has
      expanded the movement of documents across the Internet.

      If your company is a member of IrDA,
      http://www.irda.org/members/members.asp, or if you are a member of
      Minciu Sodas, then contact us at ms@... and we will gladly email you a
      copy of our directional proposal. We look forward to your comments, and
      if possible, to your attendance at our meeting, which will be at the Sir
      Francis Drake Hotel, 450 Powell Street, San Francisco,(415) 392-7755.
      Anna Herbert of TheBrain, www.thebrain.com, our sponsoring member, will

      Product Pavilion: What will conversion look like?

      All are invited to the IrDA Mobile Communications conference, Thursday,
      April 13th, at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, 450 Powell Street, San
      Francisco, (415) 392-7755, at no charge to the public. The Minciu Sodas
      laboratory will have a table from 12:30 to 4:30pm, in the Empire room,
      where we will display our members' products, including TheBrain,
      www.thebrain.com, MindManager, www.mindmanager.com, and Thoughtstream,
      http://thoughtstream.org At our table we will demonstrate what
      conversion of information between these various products might look
      like. We want to attract the interest of makers of user interfaces for
      cellular phones, such as Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, and handheld
      devices, such as Palm and Hewlett-Packard.

      Thanks to Our Members!

      Thank you to our members who have help through our working group Flow of
      Experiences, ourownthoughts@egroups.com I share with you some of our
      many interests:

      KK Aw, www.multicentric.com, inventor of Multicentrix 4.0
      Stephen Danic, www.memes.net, inventor or collaborative Lucid
      Ben Darnell, http://thoughtstream.org, inventor of Thoughtstream for
      Palm and PC.
      Hans Donner, Information and knowledge storage, representation,
      retrieval, and creation.
      Nick Duffill of MindJET, MindManager Open Interface software,
      discussions about thinking and visualising.
      Joseph Goguen, Socio-technical aspects of information society.
      Andrius Kulikauskas, Knowledge of everything about life. Applying this
      knowledge usefully.
      Saulius Maskeliunas, Knowledge-based systems, knowledge representation.
      Steve Raiff, www.brainfarming.com, How thinking can be self-motivating
      through the avenue of fun.
      Roy Roebuck, www.one-world-is.com, Metaschema, multicentric views of
      information, especially tree-star-flow.
      Raimundas Vaitkevicius, Object technology.

      Thanks to TheBrain, www.thebrain.com, and MindJET, www.mindmanager.com,
      for sponsoring work at our laboratory.

      Call for Participation

      Dear tool makers, inform us of your wish to join the Minciu Sodas
      laboratory, that we might voice your interests this coming week, and we
      might keep in mind your import/export needs.

      For more information, visit: http://www.ms.lt/importexport.html
      And write to: ms@... Andrius Kulikauskas, Director, Minciu Sodas

      If you would like to receive weekly updates on our endeavors, then
      please send a blank message to caringaboutthinking@egroups.com
      If you would like to join our discussion, then please send a blank
      message to minciu_sodas_en-subscribe@egroups.com

      This newsletter is in the public domain. I thank you for sharing it
      appropriately with those who might join our efforts. Andrius
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