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Susitikimas Vilniuje [buvo: Re: Re: currency design tool]

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  • Raimundas Vaitkevicius
    Sveiki, Andriau, Algi, Tomai ir kiti sodiečiai, tas mano kursas, kurį esu sutaręs perskaityti Vilniuje su Švietimo plėtotės centru (tai statistinė
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 31, 2004
      Sveiki, Andriau, Algi, Tomai ir kiti sodiečiai,

      tas mano kursas, kurį esu sutaręs perskaityti Vilniuje su Švietimo
      plėtotės centru (tai statistinė duomenų analizė, naudojant SPSS programą),
      nusikėlė į lapkričio 10-11.

      Tačiau į Vilnių atvykti artimiausią savaitgalį man vis tiek reikia. Todėl
      susitikimas penktadienį popiet ar vakare man visai tinka. O susitikimo
      laiką nuspręskite jūs patys, aš prisitaikysiu.


      Kaunas, VDU, Psichologijos katedra

      Minciu_sodas_LT@yahoogroups.com on 2004 m. spalio 30 d. at 16:42 +0200
      >Tomai, Ačiū labai už išmanų ir kruopštų darbą! Išsiųsiu tau FTP ir
      >MySQL duomenis. Nebūsiu pirmadienį, bet susitikime mieste (visi
      >laukiami) pas Algį Cibulskį kitą penktadienį popiet ar vakare jo būste
      >Suvalkų 1, (darbo: 2356149), nes Raimundas atvažiuos iš Kauno. Būtų
      >gerai, kad pas Algį užsuktum dar prieš tai susipažinti ir aptarti
      >bendradarbiavimą, jisai bus tau ir vadybininku ir norėsiu, kad pamokytum
      >tiek jį, tiek George. Tad kviečiu dirbti toliau kitą savaitę ir atsiųsk
      >patikslintus duomenis kaip prašiau. Tomai, labai ačiū!
    • emad el-dean
      Dear Andrius, Thanks for your email. I was looking at the work has been done in the mentioned ULRs which is great, thanks to Tomas Jankus. But I think we are a
      Message 2 of 4 , Nov 2, 2004
        Dear Andrius,

        Thanks for your email. I was looking at the work has been done in the mentioned ULRs which is great, thanks to Tomas Jankus.

        But I think we are a bit far from the final design of the tool. The reason I am saying that and based on the meeting with WICC team, the tool should be neutral in the way it will be used to design any currency. All currencies share only the fact that they have the same features (Unit of Value, Backing � etc), but for some extent the effects will differ according to the currency nature. For example if it is environmental currency related to project running for specific period of time, the effects of this currency on individuals will differ from other effects of another currency designed for Global Business Support as other type of currency. The first one may also have no effects on the businesses. So, I imagined that we have to design the tool to be able to expand to include unknown number of effects which are classified according to the currency nature. We suggested during the meeting to have table of preferences that define the effects to be displayed and also the intention of the
        user if s/he wants to design new currency or review all effects of an exist currency.

        Also building single table in the database to include all effects and the design choices will not satisfy the fact of having 1-N relationship between the design choice and the effects. The current work and your suggestion, assume that for each choice there is only one effect, I guess this not very true. We will have from 0-M number of effects for each design choice. And these effects also can be classified in categories that reflect the nature of the currency. So other currency designers may come up with new effects and add them to the system continuously.

        I attached a suggested design of the user interface; the upper part is a way of acquiring the user preferences to be used to define the effects list. The preferences are grouped in radio buttons groups.

        The lower part is showing how can we organize or table. Firstly, the design choices are grouped in radio buttons groups (one group for each design feature) this will allow the user to choose only one choice. Secondly, the effects are separated into 5 columns in this case we are able to display 0-M number of choice in each column. Finally, I an choosing the check boxes to solve the problem of having more than one effect of one choice. Please notice that there is hidden relationship between the effects, for example the user should get error alert if he tries to choose two effects belonging to different design choices. I would call this relation conflict relationship, is that right name?

        I hope I am contributing in the right way to this project. Also I hope to get feedback from John, and all the project members to correct me if I am wrong or confirm if I am right.

        Thanks all,


        Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:

        Tomai, A�i� labai u� i�man� ir kruop�t� darb�! I�si�siu tau FTP ir
        MySQL duomenis. Neb�siu pirmadien�, bet susitikime mieste (visi
        laukiami) pas Alg� Cibulsk� kit� penktadien� popiet ar vakare jo b�ste
        Suvalk� 1, (darbo: 2356149), nes Raimundas atva�iuos i� Kauno. B�t�
        gerai, kad pas Alg� u�suktum dar prie� tai susipa�inti ir aptarti
        bendradarbiavim�, jisai bus tau ir vadybininku ir nor�siu, kad pamokytum
        tiek j�, tiek George. Tad kvie�iu dirbti toliau kit� savait� ir atsi�sk
        patikslintus duomenis kaip pra�iau. Tomai, labai a�i�!

        Hi! Greetings to all in our Cyfranogi working group
        http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cyfranogi/ This is a working group for
        "participatory society" which means that we will not be shy to work and
        think out loud. We are working on concrete projects like developing a
        tool for designing community currency, or understanding how "law gives
        birth to law" which is what I'm thinking about as I do my part-time
        work, writing summaries of regulations. Please join us or simply watch
        us work until you feel inspired to share your own projects or help with

        The message at the top is not Welsh, but rather Lithuanian, which is
        where our laboratory is based. Tomas Jankus has uploaded the latest
        versions of our currency design tool:
        The latter one uses lists instead of pulldowns, which is a good
        innovation. It would be good to be able to switch from one to the
        other. The lists help in making choices, and the pulldowns help us to
        overview our results by putting away the other choices.

        One question that he did not do was "Acquisition: How to get access to
        the currency?" because there is only one answer. Tomas, even so, you
        could organize the left hand side into a pull down (and) list, and just
        leave the right hand side as it is. Please do so!

        Another question is the last one, which was too long:
        I think that logically this breaks down into the following questions:

        Transaction Recording System:
        - Commodity (shells, stones, tobacco, grain, beads, metal coins)
        - Notes
        - Vouchers
        - Cheques
        - Passbooks
        - Electronic cards
        - Accounting ledger

        Payment for Administration Tasks:
        - Funded by system's own currency
        - Funded by national currency internally
        - Funded by national currency from external funders

        - Strategic Planning
        - Monitoring
        - Evaluating

        - Conferences
        - Seminars
        - Lobbying

        - Existing constitution
        - New constitution

        - Paid or unpaid role for broker of people
        - Publication of offers and wants
        - Paid or unpaid role for broker of currencies

        Tomas, later this week:
        let's try to make the tool narrow enough to fit on one page.
        On the left hand side please replace "Fiat, by authority, payment for
        goods and services delivered"
        with "by authority, for value delivered".

        Tomas, on the right hand side please abbreviate the answers by cutting
        them at the end and writing "..."

        John and all, maybe you could write two versions of the effects on the
        participants: Short and Long? Also, please consider edits of the
        existing data. Meanwhile, I will think about how it might fit with the
        "design issue matrix".

        Tomas, also please put in the answers for "system which results".

        Tomas, in doing this, you can consider now how we might now keep the
        data in a separate file or database table.
        I imagine the simplest is to have in MySQL a single table of Choices
        with fields for:
        ChoiceID, Issue, Choice, ParticipantEffect, SystemEffect
        Then use PHP to generate the pages much as you have now.
        That way we can easily update the table.

        Tomas, THANK YOU for your great work!
        Let's focus this week on advancing this forward. Then Friday I hope we
        may meet with Raimundas and we'll discuss the work for our "web system
        for working openly" and how it will fit with our wiki. Perhaps Algis
        will have put up some newer layout for us by then, and solved our wiki
        spam problem.


        Andrius Kulikauskas
        Minciu Sodas

        Tomas Jankus wrote:

        >taigi, galite zvilgtelti kas gaunasi su
        >valiutos design tool'u.
        >pirmaja versija, kur Andrius rode, palikau
        >mano asmenine nuomone - labai prasta :) ir net
        >neisivaizduoju kaip is visa to padaryti "zmogiska"
        >kaip matote, paskutini pasirinkima
        >(MANAGEMENT/ADMINISTRATION) palikau tiesiog lenteleje,
        >nes tokiame kiekyje pasirinkimu nieko neimanoma
        >surasti, ir be to - mano kompiuteris (internet
        >explorer 5.0) pradejo slubuoti, kai visa tai sudejau
        >i combo box'a (na i ta issiskleidziancia eilute).
        >taip kad panasu, jog reikia labai gerai dar karta
        >pagalvoti ir sugalvoti kaip sita tool'a padaryti
        >gal kas nors esate mates panasiu situaciju ir ju
        >sprendimu - buciau dekingas uz bet kokias mintis.
        >padaryti imanoma viska - tereikia sugalvoti.
        >ir sorry, kad siandien negalejau atsirasti atzalyne,
        >iki pirmadienio turiu darbu, busiu uzsiemes siandien
        >ir rytoj.
        >Andriau, o del to puslapio laiskam archyvuoti, man
        >reikia MySQL duomenu bazes duomenu (IP address,
        >username, password). ir ismeginti tai turbut galesime
        >tik susitike atzalyne? ar irgi galesite man ftp
        >serverio duomenis permesti? siaip, jei idomu, tai
        >galeciau (pirmadieni) parodyti pradine versija
        >(praktiskai ji beveik nenaudinga, bet teoriskai
        >tai jau yra nemazai padaryta).
        >na ir, gero savaitgalio. pailsekite!
        >Tomas Jankus

        Lai�kas � minciu_sodas_lt@yahoogroups.com tampa visuomen�s nuosavyb�, tai yra, visuomen�s labui atsisakome autorini� teisi�, nebent tame lai�ke pabr��tinai j� neaatsisakome. http://www.primarilypublicdomain.org/letter/ Kvie�iame dalintis m�s� lai�kais, pra�ome pripa�inti m�s� autorius.

        Lai�kus si�sti: minciu_sodas_lt@yahoogroups.com

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