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Serving Iraq with web services?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Ed Daniel wrote to me about a business opportunity in Iraq that he sees for Minciu Sodas because of our integrity through our dedication to caring about
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2003
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      Ed Daniel wrote to me about a business opportunity in Iraq that he sees
      for Minciu Sodas because of our integrity through our dedication to
      "caring about thinking". We would need to develop contacts in the Arab
      world (which would be fantastic) and this might build on our work this
      summer in Bosnia to organize Islamic independent thinkers.

      So I fire this off to a variety of groups, to see where there might be
      interest and response:
      - the list for the SummerSource camp, www.tacticaltech.org, dedicated
      to open source software for nongovernmental organizations, and with
      connections around the world.
      - Augmented Social Networks, which is thinking through the
      infrastructure to make this kind of networking possible.
      - MindEcos, a showcase "mind colony" catalyzed by Bala Pillai
      - Our lab's Minciu Sodas open discussion in English,
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/minciu_sodas_en/, in Bosnian
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/minciu_sodas_bos/, and our working group
      for "thinking relevantly" http://www.ms.lt/openwork/ especially about
      working openly.

      Also, this is an example of what I call "social hacking", an effort
      (always crude to some degree) to hack connections between different
      groups, especially by way of information channels, so as to get things
      done, keeping groups from suffocating in their own juices, allowing
      individual activity to transcend groups. I will be working to find ways
      to do this well, I want to set up "idea streams" that could be
      intertwined with sponsorship from enterprises, in the form of open
      questions that they would keep on our minds. I look to help to develop
      that, what might work best?

      Thank you for your understanding! Please let us know if this project
      below might be of interest, of if you know who might be. More
      importantly, please help us figure out the best ways that we might open
      up connections across our groups.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      Vilnius, Lithuania
      +370 52645950

      Ed Daniel (http://www.bluemedianet.co.uk/) wrote:

      > OK, here's my idea to date while I've had time to think on planes going
      > and coming back from PDC in LA. (Please do fire this straight into
      > the community)
      > Business in the west is challenged by the risk of working in Iraq. So
      > why not help Iraqis represent themselves and trade with the West through
      > a digital support platform?
      > The initial milestone of this project would be to get SPONSORED by a
      > western organisation to build a platform in Arabic as the main language
      > and supporting multi-lingual functionality (Rainbow
      > <http://www.rainbowportal.net/> comes to mind) running on the internet
      > upon which Iraqi representatives that need to buy goods whether it be
      > 2nd hand televisions, tyres, car parts, bicycles... whatever it is –
      > they could see what the best price offered currently was from a list of
      > suppliers that use the platform – even if they don’t buy it helps them
      > with price decisions locally. We could also develop a platform for
      > shippers to trade delivery prices as well including gaining sponsorship
      > from another sponsor.
      > I think the platform would be a great opportunity to replicate the
      > success of Amazon’s web services model (thus many micro-stores could
      > emerge using this approach) and make our platform web services enabled
      > as well – the exciting aspect to this project is we need and should now
      > look to recruit Arabic members who would like to participate as we will
      > greatly benefit from their input on design, content, and other matters
      > where our own expertise is lacking.
      > Looking forward to your thoughts!
      > Best,
      > Ed

      > Andrius Kulikauskas has left you a private message at Ecademy.
      > Ed, Thank you for thinking of me!
      > Yes, I would be very interested to pursue work in Iraq.
      > I'm curious how you imagine that, and how it might hook up with your
      > business.
      > I can write more about how we're able to work as a transistor to
      > transform endeavors so they are morally ethical:
      > - by relating them to our shared value of "caring about thinking"
      > - by pursuing them through open investigation
      > - by working openly so that all might join us
      > - by giving our work to the public domain
      > - by meeting our workers half-way, so they can leverage what they care
      > about.
      > In that much of the work in Iraq is a "gift", this is a special
      > opportunity to work openly.
      > I will update your info, it may take a while to propagate.
      > Hi Kenneth! More about us at http://www.ms.lt
      > cc: Kenneth Campbell
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