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Dobro dosli!

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Dobro dosli! I am writing in English, but I invite your letters in Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian and other languages. In September I spent several weeks in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2003
      Dobro dosli!

      I am writing in English, but I invite your letters in Bosnian, Serbian,
      Croatian and other languages.

      In September I spent several weeks in Bosnia. Ten days in Sarajevo, and
      then I took buses to visit some of the telecottages in the villages. I
      went first to the telecenter in Rama-Scit, which is beside a Catholic
      monastery. I met Damir Misura, he is very impressive as a self-learning
      web designer, programmer and teacher. There I also met the leader of
      the Franscicans, who said that it is very important for us to learn how
      to live with minorities, we don't have practice with that. So it would
      be good to collect examples, especially positive ones.

      I saw a rock club in Bugojno, http://cym.net/banjaluka/crash.htm and
      then spent the night in Banja Luka with a Lithuanian family, Paulius and
      Nida Domse, and watched the Lithuanian basketball team win the European
      championships! But mostly we talked about Bosnia, because there is a
      great need to talk.

      Then I spent the night with Haris' family in Doboj, he is learning how
      to create web pages, and I look forward to seeing his work. There are
      many good projects in Bosnia that might be done, working for free for
      practice, and then working for business. I also went to Tuzla where I
      met Adnan Salkic of http://www.cit.ba a large Internet access and
      training center.

      I spent the night in Bijelina thanks to Dario Jankovic of Dvorovi who
      showed me their telecenter. The next morning I rode with Dario and his
      friends to Belgrade, and his girlfriend gave me a tour of the city.
      Then I took a bus to Novi Sad and spent four days with the young people
      of www.kuda.org, especially Miroslava Milutinov and Nenad Sabo, they and
      their friends were very kind. I was very interested to talk with Serbs
      in both Bosnia and Serbia, and glad that we got to talk a lot about the
      war and politics. And I was surprised that encouraged that, although
      every conversation would start from "the situation is quite
      complicated", people could see the helpfulness of starting, instead,
      from the idea that: "the Bosnians are the victims".

      Sometimes, the truth is simple, but (like Milosevic) we hide the truth
      by trying to look at things much more complicated than they actually
      are. It's a relief to start from a simple truth.

      Then I returned to Bosnia for the constitutional assembly of the
      European Union of Telecottage Associations in Noem. This is was also the
      founding meeting of the Bosnian Telecottage Association. I signed up
      many new people for our discussion.

      I returned to my home in Vilnius, Lithuania and completed my proposal to
      the Soros fund, which I call "Social Networking Kit" (optimized for
      marginal connectivity):

      I'm hoping that our connections with EUTA and the Bosnian telecottages
      and www.kuda.org in Serbia will let us keep building momentum, and keep
      coming back to the Balkans.

      My laboratory, http://www.ms.lt, Minciu Sodas, serves and organizes
      independent thinkers. You are an "independent thinker" if you keep
      working to develop your thoughts, your projects, your dreams.
      Telecottages are a great base for independent thinkers!

      What we need now here is discussion in Bosnian. This is difficulty for
      me, because I don't know Bosnian. But we have more than 100 people here
      now. So if we just write here, we can get a good discussion started.
      Send your letters to minciu_sodas_bos@yahoogroups.com I invite you to
      introduce yourselves! By learning about each other we can find ways to
      work together.

      Laku noc!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 52645950
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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