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Andrius in Austria, Italy and video bridging

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I am writing to our Minciu Sodas laboratory groups in German and Italian about my travel plans. (I apologize for writing in English!) I also write to several
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2006
      I am writing to our Minciu Sodas laboratory groups in German and Italian
      about my travel plans. (I apologize for writing in English!) I also
      write to several people I would like to try to meet. Perhaps there are
      others who would like to meet, write to me at ms@... I share with
      other groups in our online lab.

      Minciu Sodas is an online laboratory for serving and organizing
      independent thinkers. This is the fourth summer that I have stayed at
      Franz Nahrada's Hotel Karolinenhof http://www.karolinenhof.at and worked
      with him there. Franz leads our work to share knowledge amongst
      villages so that we might all live in places that reflect our values
      http://www.globalvillages.info http://groups.yahoo.com/group/globalvillages/

      I am now traveling in Austria and Italy.

      - Wednesday, June 7. I leave Vienna for the village of Kirchbach,
      Austria where I will meet with Hansjörg Matzer and his colleagues.
      Rupert Paier and I will set up video bridges with all who are
      interested! At 7:00 pm Austria time we will Skype with our participants
      in Lithuania (8:00 pm Lithuania time). At 8:00 pm Austria time (=11:00
      am California time) we will Skype in English, German or other languages.
      - Thursday, June 8. I go with Hansjörg to Graz. (And if Helmut Leitner
      of http://www.prowiki.org is free, I will meet him, or on Wednesday.)
      Then I take the train to Como, Italy in the Alps.
      - Friday, June 9. I will give a talk "The Wealth of Experience" at
      http://www.openculture.org in Como, Italy for "Preserving Quality in an
      Open Environment" organized by Paolo Pumilia. I will speak about our
      lab's work in creating an online learning environment for the Wales
      Institute of Community Currencies. There will be a bird-of-a-feather
      session on "e-learning and open content". Who might be interested to
      work together? The fee is only 20 euros. I hope in particular to
      engage George Auckland of the BBC.

      Then I will be in Italy for the weekend and the beginning of next week.
      I will likely travel to Rome. I would like to link up with leaders of
      http://www.autopromozionesociale.it and the Incubatore Open Source.
      Also, with Magius who is active in Oekonux and interested to organize an
      action-oriented conference on alternative economy. (Magius, thank you
      for writing to Global Villages, and I alert you to our Cyfranogi group
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cyfranogi/ lead by John Rogers.) Franz
      has alerted me to Davide Lamanna http://www.isf-roma.org and their work
      using Linux to bring new life to older computers. I will try to meet
      with Robin Good http://www.masternewmedia.org to get his thoughts on our
      Open Leader network as he has been very supportive.

      - Wednesday, June 14. I spoke briefly with Andrea Mills and Nancy
      Cailleteau of the Brave Brains Alliance http://www.bravebrains.com
      Tentatively we will try to meet on this day in Piacenza. I am
      interested in how I and our lab might serve their alliance, and
      especially the Innovation Lab Italy in Piacenza.
      I note the connection with IKEA, the furniture retailer and brander.
      Perhaps they might be interested in pattern languages?
      http://www.patternlanguages.info Our lab currently is working for
      author Nikos A Salingaros and publisher Harald Püschel
      http://www.umbau-verlag.com to promote and organize the pattern language
      community. I think that IKEA might be interested in what their success
      teaches about what makes a building alive?

      I might then pass through Slovenia on my way back to Austria. Would
      Stanko Blatnik or William Wagner or anybody be interested to meet up?

      - Thursday, June 15 to Saturday, June 17 is "Das Handwerk der Zukunft"
      (Crafts of the Future) http://www.landschaft-des-wissens.org in
      Wissensee, Kärnten, Austria. I hope to spend at least one day there,
      but especially to meet Christine Ax. http://www.ipf-hamburg.net Franz
      knows her as a key person in the future of production in global villages.

      Then that weekend I will be back in Kirchbach, Austria. Our plan is to
      travel together to Vienna as Monday, June 19, Hansjörg will give a talk
      with Franz on global villages to students of rural planning. Then I will
      stay for at least a week in Vienna.

      Franz and I are working on our strategy, our vision for our lab,
      networks and culture as we hope to grow:
      ** roughly 1 year from now (300 active and 3,000 supportive)
      ** roughly 3 years from now (1,200 active and 12,000 supportive)
      ** roughly 5 years from now (5,000 active and 50,000 supportive)
      We invite our help. How do we imagine and how will we grow our culture?

      We're working on:
      * The Minciu Sodas business model and strategy, and writing that up.
      * The role of our wiki at http://www.ourculture.info (We had a two hour
      conversation with Helmut Leitner and he's already met two out of three
      needs we have).
      * The Hotel Karolinenhof as part of the Holiwork network in the Austrian
      * Franz's talk on "Economy Beyond the Limits of Exchange"
      * A theory of global villages, how to create them, that draws on pattern
      languages and might be applicable to Alan Heeks's ecovillage in Dorset
      * Our online learning environment (which I'm building for WICC) and how
      we'll use that to organize "how-to" knowledge http://www.findbetterways.info
      * Our conceptual map of our key concepts (Franz contributed his personal
      rankings of how well he relates to our various key concepts)
      Anything else?

      Pattern languages are very much on our minds. I met with architect
      Lucien Steil in Luxembourg http://www.katarxis3.com and with author
      Nikos Salingaros in Belgium. Nikos is happy with our work promoting his
      books http://www.umbau-verlag.com (including the upcoming "A Theory of
      Architecture") and has provided our lab with another 400 euros to
      continue our work in "public relations", promoting and organizing the
      pattern language community. I have set aside 100 dollars to back a
      community currency to encourage us to help with our website at
      http://www.patternlanguages.info especially to note and pursue related
      business opportunities, which might include social housing in Latin
      America, as Nikos is writing a paper on that. Also, I have set aside
      200 dollars as backing to help with our web system for working openly,
      especially our interface for tagging letters:

      Thank you to all for caring about thinking!
      I hope we might meet and support each other!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      in Vienna, Austria
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