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How would we like our networks to grow?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I invite us to visit our new site http://www.openleader.net I ask for our thoughts on where our lab and our networks might go Andrius,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10 1:23 PM
      I invite us to visit our new site http://www.openleader.net
      I ask for our thoughts on where our lab and our networks might go
      Andrius, http://www.openleader.net

      Hi! I'm thinking intensely about what I'd like to achieve this coming
      year. I'm applying for the Eyebeam Open Lab fellowships ($30,000 for 12
      months in New York). The Open Lab is supporting work in: 1. Open
      Networks, 2. Open Information, 3. Open Content, 4. Open Source, 5. Open

      My project will be to discover, negotiate, implement and promote social
      protocols for "civilization networks" to work seemlessly together. By
      civilization network I means those which endeavors that are so bold that
      they might remake all of our world. I have a list of a hundred or so:

      So I'm thinking about what I'd like to achieve this coming year. I had
      planned to focus on positioning Kerry Santo's Modo Fac Central
      http://www.modofaccentral.com/mfc/ as the center for all of our social
      networking. But last Friday she alerted me that she intended to have
      her site hosted elsewhere. Certainly, it's been frustrating watching me
      fail to set up the CivicSpace/Drupal software to serve her community. It
      was a worse jolt to have our site hacked. We're fortunate that we did
      not lose our data (and since then I've purchased "daily backups" so that
      the latest seven days are all backed up and also older archives are
      kept). I think the deepest reason is the difficulty of merging two
      cultures (Modo Fac Central and Minciu Sodas) on top of the great stress
      for each of us to work out our own visions. I'm glad that we're still
      on good terms, Minciu Sodas participants are welcome at Modo Fac
      Central, and the Modo Fac Central wiki will be alive at Global Villages.

      I then spoke by Skype with our lab's active leaders to understand where
      I might put my energies looking ahead. Thank you to Franz Nahrada, John
      Rogers, Jeff Buderer, Steve Bosserman. I hope to write more soon.

      I've realized that I'd best focus on Open Leader for our lab's social
      networking. I'm happy to say that I think I've put up a useful
      interface for us:
      You'll see on the right hand side a news feed consisting of our letters.
      If you click on an author, you will be sent to a page where you'll
      have, on the right side, the news feed for that author. On the left
      side you will see a page that is taken from a wiki page our PmWiki at
      http://www.openleader.com If you click on "Edit the page" you can
      update the page. So this is a very simple system for all of us to have
      our own page, and for it to include a news feed made up of our own posts.

      You can also see a list of all the authors:

      So I hope this shows what very simple customized software can do. This
      is just taking from RSS feeds and PmWiki. And we're drawing on content
      from the Public Domain.

      There's a lot more to do, starting with:
      - a confirmation system
      - including more sources for Public Domain materials
      - linking in wikis
      - linking in chat

      My broader question is, How would we like to work together?

      Please update your pages - and other pages - using your best judgement.



      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (5) 264 5950
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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