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Milwaukee Film Fundraiser

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  • Jim Muraco
    Please join me at a fundraiser for Matt Nichols upcoming film, Silent Lucidity . Matt is a teacher and a filmmaker who suffer(s) from bipolar disorder that
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      Please join me at a fundraiser for Matt Nichols' upcoming film, "Silent Lucidity". Matt is a teacher and a filmmaker who suffer(s) from bipolar disorder that with modern medicine is now under control. He is sharing his story in his new full-feature film, "Silent Lucidity". The film will being shooting this year and after meeting with Matt several times - this film is a winner and he is determined to complete this project.
      Obviously films need money. Matt has organized an incredible fundraising party at Serb Hall, 5101 W. Oklahoma Ave in Milwaukee on April 29th from 6-9pm. There is a $25 entry fee that includes beer, soda, appetizers, live music, an auction with items ranging from hotel stays to speaking parts in the film, and a live street magician. If you are asking yourself, "a live magician?" - let me tell you, I have seen this performer - and he is amazing!
      It is rare that I would send you all an email for someone else's project - but I truly believe in this one and we may have the next Ben Affleck/Matt Damon coming out of this state with Matt Nichols. Come to support film, come to party, come for the auction, come for the entertainment - come for what ever reason - but please do come and enjoy this fundraiser.
      Although I now know Matt, my wife and I are gladly paying our $25 a piece to get in (that amount should cover my beer alone) - and you should too.
      For more info, please check out www.polaritymediaproductions.com and let's start supporting our local talent!!!

      You can email Matt directly at mnichols@...
      Jim Muraco

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