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curl up with a good movie at the Milw LGBT Film/Video Festival

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  • Carl Bogner
    G day! Our Sunday afternoons at this year s Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival will feature epic adaptations of two treasured novels - May Sarton s Mrs.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2005

      Our Sunday afternoons at this year's Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video
      Festival will feature epic adaptations of two treasured novels - May
      Sarton's Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing and Sarah Waters'

      Mrs Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing
      Tomorrow afternoon - Sunday, October 2 - at 2pm we will present the
      certified audience favorite Mrs Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing,
      Linda Thornburg's adaptation of May Sarton's celebrated 1965 novel.

      This vivid adaptation is an epic quietly rendered, a tale of one
      woman's experience that, with a certain inclusiveness and delicacy,
      offers both a personal and public history of the 20th century. On her
      70th birthday, Hilary Stevens, a stand-in for Sarton, allows two
      reporters an interview on her career as a poet. The interview summons
      forth, via flashbacks, a panorama of women's history, a consideration
      of varieties of women's work, and an appreciative understanding of a
      creative process rooted in quotidian pleasures and relationships with
      other women.

      As Stevens recounts the inspirational encounters she had with, among
      others, a hospital nurse who tends to her after her husband's death,
      a Gertrude Stein-style literary salon hostess/critic, a Paris Jazz
      club singer, and a prominent sociologist, Thornburg's film details
      the corresponding larger and ever-changing fortunes for lesbians,
      garnering the film the richness of the novel. Mrs. Stevens Hears the
      Mermaids Singing offers a resonating portrait of an artist, nicely
      complicated by the tenor of her times and with its central
      character's own instinctive inquisitive restlessness.

      Just this month, Linda Thornburg's film won the Audience Award for
      Best Lesbian Film at the Pikes Peak Lavender Film Festival and the
      Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the 2005 Fire Island Film &
      Video Festival.

      ..then see Fingersmith for FREE!
      The following Sunday afternoon, Sunday, October 9, at 3pm, the
      Festival will present a FREE screening of the BBC adaptation of Sarah
      Waters novel Fingersmith.

      Offering a twist on and of Dickens, Fingersmith unfolds in a
      Victorian England circa 1862, a time rife with plotting, scoundrels,
      unexpected alliances, and unpredictable downfalls and upswings of
      fortune. Sue Trinder, a young orphan, finds shelter with Mrs.
      Sucksby, a queen bee to a family of thieves, i.e. fingersmiths.
      Impressed upon to serve Richard Rivers, a confederate of Mrs. S., Sue
      starts work as a maid for the wealthy young lady Maud Lilly, the
      better to convince her to marry Rivers, who, the cad, schemes to
      defraud her. The complications start when Sue falls for the young
      Maud, but schemes already set in motion prove hard to undo.

      Fingersmith does elegant justice to Waters' wizardry and dexterity at
      crafting an engaging and suspenseful web of sustained plot gyrations
      and romance, and this three-part series, the best sort of TV,
      presented here in its entirety, is sure to have you hooked.

      Two years ago we presented Tipping the Velvet, a BBC adaptation of
      another Waters novel, and it proved to be the most crowd-pleasing
      screening of that festival. This one promises the same, so be sure to
      steal away three hours Sunday afternoon, October 9.

      After Fingersmith, stick around and enjoy our closing night
      reception, co-hosted with the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, to be
      held in the UWM Union Art Gallery before our closing night screening
      of the antic French comedy Cote D'Azur.

      Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaid Singing
      (Linda Thornburg, video 120 min., 2005)
      Sunday, October 2, 2pm

      Fingersmith - presented for FREE!
      (BBC Productions, video, 180 min., 2004)
      Sunday, October 9, 3pm

      Both shows are at the UWM Union Theatre in the UWM Student Union at
      2200 E Kenwood Blvd. Tickets for Mrs. Stevens... are $7 general, $5
      students / senior. Buy a Festival pass and see more for less! For
      complete schedule info see www.arts.uwm.edu/lgbtfilm

      Okay, I'm out for today, back to the Union Theatre for four more
      shows this afternoon and this evening - including the only
      "transvestite Marxist comedy" ever at 11pm!

      Thanks for all your support and later on -
      Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video FEstival
      Film Department / UWM

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