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[MARN] Songwriting Workshop with John Sieger starts tonight

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    Veteran Milwaukee musician John Sieger [Semi-Twang, R&B Cadets] has won multiple WAMI Awards for Songwriter of the Year and has a rich history as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2003
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      Veteran Milwaukee musician John Sieger [Semi-Twang, R&B Cadets] has won
      multiple WAMI Awards for Songwriter of the Year and has a rich history as a
      professional songwriter. His songs have been recorded by many artists,
      including country king Dwight Yoakam, soul queen Etta James, local faves the
      BoDeans, new country star Eric Heatherly, and Tex-Mex legend Flaco Jimenez.
      John's also a respected collaborator with co-writes on more than two dozen

      John's current 6-week long workshop starts TONIGHT. Details:
      :: Cascio Interstate Music in New Berlin
      :: 13819 West National Avenue, (262) 789-7600
      :: Six Wednesdays, starting April 30, from 6 to 8pm
      :: $150

      A word [or several hundred] from John about what to expect [taken from

      :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

      Songwriting Made Less Lonely

      It's been my experience that sitting around in a room pulling your hair out
      and destroying your self image [always a fun endeavor in its own right] can
      be greatly enhanced by adding to it the lonely struggle to create a good
      song. The isolation of a working songwriter can be maddening and frustrating
      -- enough to persuade the budding genius to chuck it all and take up
      something more rewarding, like laying sod or delivering pizzas. It also
      doesn't help much when all the songwriters you admire describe the process
      as something resembling a divine revelation, one which, due to their finely
      tuned spiritual state, causes God to send down perfectly crafted, finished
      masterpieces to their pure, uncluttered minds. This is mumbo-jumbo.

      This is where my songwriting workshops come in. Songwriting is a craft (I
      know people hate that word, but there it is) and it can be learned. I
      suppose when practiced long and hard it results in art, but to get to that
      point, you have to do something other than sit down every day and meditate.
      In reality, you have to show up every day and work on your rudiments. (And
      not hate yourself -- that's important!)

      The classes I've been presenting zero in on the real nuts and bolts issues.
      The inner workings of harmony and melody, song structure and classic forms.
      Add to that listening sessions and discussions of great songwriters. Every
      week we have an assignment aimed at loosening up those over-tight creative
      muscles. Publishing and the devious nature of the music business will also
      be touched upon.

      A beneficial side effect of coming to a songwriting workshop is meeting
      other struggling writers. It's good to socialize! To work alone is to go
      slowly mad and, while a little madness is a useful thing in the discipline
      we're pursuing, when the wallpaper starts talking to you, it's probably time
      to get out and meet with others. All of this occurs in a low-key,
      non-critical atmosphere. We won't be competing with each other, in fact,
      collaboration will be stressed. If we can get past a little bit of
      self-consciousness and actually sing our songs to each other, I will
      consider it a major victory. On the other hand, if you feel getting up in
      front of others and exposing your inner-most thoughts will result in
      premature death, we won't force the issue.

      Take a look at the schedule and see if your inner Dylan might not want to
      come out give it a try.

      :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

      If you're not ready to commit, but want to be informed about upcoming
      workshops, shows, etc., please send an e-mail to: link@...

      Thank you!

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