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  • Frank Juarez
    *I AM A PAINTER Exhibition at EFFJAY PROJEKTS Gallery* **Sheboygan – January 2, 2012 *EFFJAY PROJEKTS Gallery *is pleased to announce an exhibition titled,
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      *I AM A PAINTER Exhibition at EFFJAY PROJEKTS Gallery*

      **Sheboygan � January 2, 2012

      *EFFJAY PROJEKTS Gallery *is pleased to announce an exhibition titled, *� I
      AM A PAINTER� *featuring paintings by *Erica Becker*, *Scott Brooks*, *Crystal
      Cudworth*, *Kristin Haas*, *John Kowalczyk* and*Garric Simonsen*. This
      exhibition features six artists who consider themselves painters although
      their means to create would not traditionally be referred to as �a
      painting�. They push the envelope on what painting means to them today by
      exploring materials, surfaces, and language.

      Join us for an artist reception on January 14th from 5 to 8pm. The gallery
      is located at 604 Erie Avenue, Lower Level, Sheboygan. This exhibition runs
      from January 5 � February 4, 2012.

      *Erica Becker* (WI) creates work informed by man�s interest in building and
      expanding the industrial landscape. She is inspired by nature�s playful
      interactions altering, changing, and sculpting the surface of these
      structures. Her vocabulary of form and surface derive from abstract
      manifestations of corrosion, rusting, and fading of industrial materials.
      The modeled surfaces express the inevitable passage of time and exposure to
      the elements.

      *Scott Brooks�s* (DC) work is figurative. It is accessible and facilitates
      communication. It�s an understandable language, and like dance, a narrative
      is created without words. The stories told in the infinite number of faces,
      gestures, and bodies he sees around him are inspiring and provide him with
      an endless supply of source material to work from.

      Anatomical distortions emerge at the earliest stages in the process,
      separating the figures from the photographic ideal. The abstraction allows
      Brooks to get up close and create his own reality. Without the distractions
      of perfect anatomy, he explores the figure, shape and light on his own
      terms. The distortions he applies to the figures are recognizable, but more
      familiar in a different context. Through his work he strives to understand
      and create a dialog with the world around him. He presents to the viewer
      his interpretations of what he sees and understands as truthful.

      *Crystal Cudworth�*s (WI) work denies a photographic or digital translation
      as she observes nature using paper, canvas and paint. Interested in the
      directness of the hand to brush in creating line, shape, and volume, the
      paintings are like a face-to-face conversation with a close friend. The
      liquidity of paint corresponds to her touch as she observes nature from an
      intimate space. Her paintings highlight the formality of the gallery room
      and show how a painting can corrupt it

      *Kristin Haas* (IL) creates objects out of recycled latex house paint. Her
      works communicate the physical, emotional and psychological language of
      painting, while referencing color, design and objecthood.

      *John Kowalczyk�s* (WI) work takes itself lightly in material and aesthetic
      with its flamboyant color and pageantry, but is sophisticated in that it is
      rendered in a style somewhere between folk art and fine art with an
      attitude of highbrow kitsch. Decadent stage-like settings are cast with
      homemade mythologies. The narrative comes complete with odd humanoid
      animals, cryptic symbols, and psychedelic journeys juxtaposed with abstract
      patterning and geometric rigor. His work is an energetic orchestration of
      thought that collides with color and takes the shape of lifetime�s worth of
      lexicons, rational or abstract, to become a physical extension of his
      gratitude and joy of creation.

      *Garric Simonsen�s* (WA) work engages temporal moments, language, fractured
      realities and the curious imagination. Paintings incorporate words and
      often reflect on social tropes or shifts in perception, revealing gray
      areas between consciousness and memory. An image of trompe l�oeil
      periodically challenges the viewer�s perception of real-life and illusion.
      He is interested in motif, chance and the idea of pentimento.

      Gallery hours are Thursday & Fridays, 5-8pm; Saturdays from 11-3pm and by

      Open to the public.

      Contact Frank Juarez at 920.559.7181 or effjayprojekts@... for
      further information about this exhibition or inquiries about the artists�


      Frank Juarez

      604 Erie Avenue
      Lower Level
      Sheboygan, WI 53081

      *Gallery Hours*
      Thursdays + Fridays 5-8pm
      Saturdays 11am-3pm
      or by appointment

      *Expose . Educate . Engage*


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