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  • Daniel Robert Kelly
    Of interest to the community of artists in Milwaukee. ----- Original Message ----- From: Abigail Satinsky To: Abigail Satinsky
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      Of interest to the community of artists in Milwaukee. ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Abigail Satinsky" <abigail@...>
      To: "Abigail Satinsky" <abigail@...>
      Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 11:54:24 AM
      Subject: I want your input on Phonebook 3....

      Hi friends in different places,

      As I think I've emailed you all before and sorry if you've received this particular email, I'm one of the editors for PHONEBOOK 3 , a national directory of independent art spaces, projects, and programming to be released in October 2011. PHONEBOOK is published by threewalls , a nonprofit gallery and residency program in Chicago, and is organized by the Alliance of Independent Arts Organizers, a newly forming professional development organization for noncommercial artist-run projects.

      I'm writing to ask you to suggest spaces, residencies, programming, and other programming that you think may have a place in our directory.

      The previous issues of PHONEBOOK that came out in 2008 and 2009 focused primarily on alternative art spaces and featured short reflective essays from the people who ran them. We're excited to say that this new issue of PHONEBOOK will expand to include artists' projects, independent programming series, unconventional residency programs, and alternative schools. We feel like this new expanded focus highlights the broader spectrum of opportunities and activities that artists and creative organizers are engaged in and will bring them to the attention of a wider public. This book is a way to start a national conversation on grassroots creative activity happening outside of traditional institutions and spread the word about innovative organizing models that could be useful to artists and organizers. And it is only listing spaces located in the United States.

      We've started on our research already but I wanted to reach out to you to send us your lists of local spaces that you think should be included that we might not otherwise know about. We want to make sure we're getting as much representation from different cities as we can.

      The book will be structure in four chapters tentatively titled: SPACE, TIME, PLACE, and RESOURCE.

      1. Space: This applies to apartment galleries, multi-use spaces, collective studios, and any other physically planted organization that is primarily: self-organized, independent, and noncommercial.
      Examples: 16 beaver , Basekamp , Southern Exposure

      2. Time: This applies to re-occurring events and programs that are unaffiliated with one particular space, film and video screenings, performance series, tours, and radio programs. Examples: Guerilla Drive-in , Los Angeles Urban Rangers , Temporary Travel Office , Public Culture Lecture Series

      3. Place : This category applies both to projects with a substantial residency component. Examples: Signal Fire , Elsewhere , Project Row Houses

      4. Resources : This category defines “resources” loosely. It could apply to organizations that make it easy for artists to acquire physical materials ( Rebuilding Exchange ) or research materials and archives ( AAARG.org , Chicago Underground Library ). It also can accommodate independently organized pedagogical projects ( Bruce High Quality Foundation University , courses at Machine Project , Anhoek School ). Finally, it can include locally-focused or otherwise resourceful print material ( Proximity ).

      We have a Kickstarter running for the project here: http://kck.st/e0AgTt

      We would really appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thanks in advance for your help!


      Abigail Satinsky

      Program Director
      119 N. Peoria #2C
      Chicago, IL

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