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Press Release from Milwaukee County Percent for Art Program

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  • Melissa Muller
    May 3, 2010 Contact: Natalie Strohm, Public Art Administrator, 414.265.9265, natalie@quorumarchitects.com MILWAUKEE - Noted artist Takashi Soga
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      May 3, 2010

      Contact: Natalie Strohm,

      Public Art Administrator, 414.265.9265, natalie@...

      MILWAUKEE - Noted artist Takashi Soga installs his
      first, custom Milwaukee sculpture May 6 and 7 in Lincoln Park.

      Commissioned by the Milwaukee County Public Art
      Committee (MCPAC) in March 2009, Soga's work, "Sea of the Ear - Floating
      Cylinder," is red-painted, galvanized steel with a counterweight system
      that causes motion. It is approximately 14 feet by 24 feet by six feet
      in size.

      Under the Milwaukee County's Percent-For-Art program,
      art projects are commissioned in conjunction with major capital
      projects. The Soga sculpture compliments the new David Schulz Aquatic
      Center at Lincoln Park across the parkway drive from its location.

      "I am very pleased to bring my work to Milwaukee, to
      share a unique moving sculpture system with the community for all to
      enjoy," Soga said.

      Motion is a hallmark of Soga's work, reflecting his keen
      interest in gravity as a material and its effects on space. He has
      created works for public spaces both in the U. S. and abroad and has
      received many national and international awards. Graduated from Osaka
      University of Art in 1975, Soga moved to the United States in the May
      1999 and in 2000 was awarded a residency at Sculpture Space in Utica,
      N.Y. He now is studio manager there.

      MCPAC received 62 responses in its September 2008 call
      to artists; a selection panel comprised of committee members, community
      members and County Supervisor Theodore Lipscomb reviewed the artists'
      work, held a public meeting and selected Soga's proposal in March 2009.
      The foundation was poured last November.

      "We were amazed at the genius of Soga's work and with
      the beauty of his proposal," said MCPAC member and selection panel
      participant Reggie Baylor, a Milwaukee fine art painter. "As an artist,
      I was impressed with his ability to create a work that compliments the
      site and stands as a work to be appreciated by all."

      Soga's other public sculpture works can be seen at
      various locations in Japan and in the city of Evanston, IL.

      The Soga work represents the 19th work commissioned and
      installed by the MCPAC since its inception in 2000.

      Soga will be available for interviews May 7 at 11 a.m.
      at the sculpture site across the road from the David Schultz Aquatic
      Center in Lincoln Park, 1301 West Hampton Avenue, Milwaukee, WI.

      Natalie Strohm


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