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Re: Pegi Taylor with notes from Monday

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  • Pegi Taylor
    Cultural Alliance Forum 1/26/09 There were 16 tables at the forum with about 6-7 people at a table. After introductions by Christine Harris of the Cultural
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2009
      Cultural Alliance Forum 1/26/09

      There were 16 tables at the forum with about 6-7 people at a table. After
      introductions by Christine Harris of the Cultural Alliance and Chris Abele
      from the Great Milwaukee Committee Creative Culture Summit, the rest of the
      morning was spent with tables addressing a number of questions and then
      accumulating responses.

      Chris Abele set the tone for the morning. He talked about the current
      economic crisis and how, in this climate, the arts will be seen as
      superfluous. He said it is more important than ever for people to talk
      about how ³Art is the why. Art is the informer.²

      Some of my notes may not make sense within the larger context of the
      discussion, but take from this what you can. Chris Abele happened to be
      sitting at the table where I was, so I felt an obligation to speak
      forcefully about some issues. He agreed with me a couple of times.

      First question: What are the unique assets of the great Milwaukee arts and
      culture sector?
      Openness to cross-disciplinary work
      Strong educational institutions
      Cost-efficiency ratio
      Historic precedence of Milwaukee's location
      The low cost of living
      The strength of regional, national, and international talent that do work
      Historic sites
      Waterways and parks
      The collaboration between larger and smaller art groups

      Second question: How does the public benefit from the unique assets of the
      arts and culture sector in greater Milwaukee?
      The public has so many excellent choices
      The reach of educational programs
      The therapeutic importance of the arts
      The arts foster a positive response to change
      The sense of community and shared experience
      Emerging artists making grassroots connections in neighborhoods
      Creative workforce development

      Third question: What are we doing now that we should continue or strengthen
      in order to sustain a high quality arts and culture sector in Greater
      Education in schools
      Strengthen ties between arts and other disciplines
      Bring forward the cultural inventory in neighborhoods
      Board development
      Press coverage
      Festivals that spill over geographically
      Strategic partnership and collaboration
      A master plan for public art
      Networking and benchmarking
      Tell people who we are
      UPAF expand to include non-performing arts
      Strengthen the message about the importance of the arts with public
      Build pride of place
      Breakdown distinctions between art and life
      Share data between groups
      Collaboration between history museums and societies and art museums
      Reexamine core mission
      Do good, interesting art
      Build using current technologies
      Taking into account the entire region, not only Milwaukee
      Funding art programs in schools
      Rethink the united funding model
      Participating in the arts from birth forward

      Fourth Question: What, if anything should we consider discontinuing?
      Isolation, parochialism, territorialism, and being apologetic
      Lack of follow through
      Bending your mission to fit funding
      Thinking that the arts are only for a certain class
      Hiding successes

      Fifth question: What are some examples of innovative practices that arts and
      culture organizations have implemented or are thinking about implementing in
      order to survive and thrive?
      Sixth question: What are some ideas for collaborative action that might
      strengthen the arts and culture sector in the greater Milwaukee area?
      (I put these two questions together because so many of the answers were
      about bothŠ)
      Shared services
      Creating a clearinghouse for the arts where you can register, get
      information out about what you are doing, and present needs
      Art that addresses social services and social issues
      Have an all-city parade and pageant
      Have a collaborative arts festival
      Use social media tools
      Have a centralized website where you could see what is happening, buy
      tickets, find out about other shows that might be in the same vein, get
      deals on tickets, and find out about nearby restaurants.
      Support having a Secretary for the Arts in the new Obama administration
      Advocate at the state level
      Create an insurance pool
      Recruitment and training for board members
      Organizational mentoring
      City-wide promotion about the arts with young people
      Season samplers so people can try out various art events
      Like at the Obama inauguration, have artists perform at city-wide events
      Partnerships with TV for an arts and culture telethon

      Final question: What are the core principles and values of the greater
      Milwaukee arts and culture sector that need to be preserved?
      Resourcefulness and a DIY spirit
      Spiritual engagement
      Creativity and innovation in education
      Sharing of the communal human experience
      Accessibility because the arts are affordable, you don't have to travel far,
      and there are so many options
      Dedication to presenting local talent
      Maintain artistic mission
      Art as a source for human stories
      The democracy of art and art in public spaces
      Innovation and a willingness to look to other cities for ideas
      Educating the entire community about the arts

      And a bit of editorializing:
      Of course, a lot of people are going to gag reading the notes from above.
      For example, how often have we heard about providing health insurance for
      artists? The Cultural Alliance talked about this at its first open meeting!
      And most of the discussion was about the needs of larger organizations.
      However, I think a Cultural Alliance clearinghouse website might happen.
      MARN is also working on a clearinghouse website project for artists. If
      this happens and the MARN website could link to this website it could be
      quite powerful.

      I'm eager for notes from Tuesday at WPCA and the Summit on February 4-5.

      Dutifully submitted by,

      Pegi Taylor

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