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Fri. Jan 30 Two Photo Receptions at Alverno College

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  • lynda_sommers
    Alverno Arts and Cultures presents Social Justice - Photographs by Dr. Thom Feroah, Robb Quinn, Larry D Attilio, and Christiona Bobst, members of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2009
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      Alverno Arts and Cultures presents "Social Justice" - Photographs by
      Dr. Thom Feroah, Robb Quinn, Larry D'Attilio, and Christiona Bobst,
      members of the Underwood Foundation, a Milwaukee non-profit
      organization. The powerful images depict Uganda, Namibia, and Viet Nam.

      The Uganda collection are from a project run by a priest, Father Frank,
      who is ministering to sex workers and their children,most of whom have
      AIDS. He is working with the education, health care and prevention and
      treament of AIDS.
      The Viet Nam photography is focused on Micro Lending-finding funds to
      help village people create a way to earn a living.
      The Namibia work is focused on the TASO project, which is also a
      program that assists AIDS victims.
      These images will give the viewer a tremendous insight into the
      cultures, lives, missions and service projects.

      The newly created Kellogg Gallery, located on the 4th floor of the
      Liberal Arts Building(same bldg as main gallery), will display photos
      images from the "1st Great Spirit Native American Pow Wow", by Jim Wend
      and Stacy Vittal.
      The Pow Wow was hosted by Alverno in last year.

      Both receptions will be held from 4:30 until 8:00 on Friday January
      30th. You can park Lot F, located on the corner of 39th St and Ohio
      (three blocks South of Oklahoma)Gallery is located at the south end of

      Alverno College
      3901 South 39th Street
      Contact - Director Lynda.Sommers@...
      Gallery Hours
      Wed-Sun 12-5 Thurs 12-7
      Non College Weekends Sat 12-4,Sunday - Closed
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