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This Saturday... BERZERK!!!

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    Last Friday Mike Q Hanlon, the evil mastermind behind Alamo Basement sent out top secret messages to various locations, messages containing random starter
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2009
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      Last Friday Mike Q Hanlon, the evil mastermind behind Alamo Basement sent
      out top secret messages to various locations, messages containing random
      starter sentences. These messages traveled both to distant lands and to top
      secret enclaves of the theatre insurgency right here in Milwaukee. A mere
      TEN MINUTES after reading these sentences the recipients (highly skilled
      playwright operatives) replied with short play scripts. Scripts grown out of
      frenzied typing and their impulsive first reactions to the starter sentences
      Hanlon had sent out.

      These scripts detail lurid stories of dangerous counter-cultural activities,
      violations of both wholesome social norms and theatrical good sense. Perhaps
      it's the weather, but for some unknown reason, this particular batch of
      Berzerk scripts tends to be unusually heavy on violence, anger, destruction
      and bloodshed.

      Monday morning Hanlon collected and distributed these blood soaked bits of
      theatre to his crack team of technical wizards, headed by none other than
      the over-opinionated and detestable Rex Winsome, who all leapt into a flurry
      of preparations, readying an elaborate trap for you, our unsuspecting

      Meanwhile, the genius Hanlon has also cast the plays and distributed them to
      a decentralized network of berzerker guerilla operatives. These expert
      actors armed with the playwrights' words, have but a few days spent in
      meditative isolation to prepare for Saturdays indiscriminant rampaging
      theatre onslaught.

      Yes, in less than 48 hours these madmen will descend upon the cozy Alchemist
      Theatre in unassuming Bayview, where they will set their traps and lie in
      wait for an unsuspecting audience to gather, attracted by fine affordable
      beverages and free popcorn to the Alchemist's uber-comfortable seats. A more
      inviting atmosphere for a theatre audience could not be imagined.

      This audience, settling into their seats are the final component of a truly
      maniacal feat of the theatre arts. A feat that you are welcome to
      participate in, for only five dollars... that's right, five dollars. Not
      only is it exciting and dangerous, it's also CHEAP! FIVE DOLLARS! Where else
      can you get great theatre for five bucks? We're so proud of our thriftiness
      we'll even extend our special offer: if you bring in one of The Rep's $30
      tickets torn into six pieces, we'll let you and five friends have whatever
      seats aren't already claimed by paying customers.

      But, we'd prefer that you buy em online, buy em early, to make sure you get
      a seat!


      Saturday, January 24th, 8pm
      TICKETS ONLY $5! Buy em online:
      The Alchemist Theatre (http://www.alchemisttheatre.com)
      2569 S. KINNICKINNIC, BAYVIEW, WI 53207

      Thank you.

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