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Re: Nostradamus, The Grand Pulse and What’s About to Hit the Fan 5 - 6

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  • Peter
    The Grand Pulse? Solar Flare Sparks Biggest Eruption Ever Seen on SunEnormous ejection of particles into space shocks scientists.Main Content [A solar flare on
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 9, 2011
      The Grand Pulse?

      Solar Flare Sparks Biggest Eruption Ever Seen on Sun

      Enormous ejection of particles into space shocks scientists.

      Main Content

      A solar flare on June 7, 2011.
      solar flare created a spectacular eruption on June 7 (pictured).

      Image courtesy SDO/NASA

      Dave Mosher

      for National Geographic News

      Published June 8, 2011

      A mushroom of cooled plasma popped like a pimple and rained onto the surface of the sun yesterday—shooting perhaps the largest amount of solar material into space ever seen, scientists say.

      (Watch a video of the solar flare.)

      The solar flare—an unusually bright spot on the sun—wasn't surprising as a "moderate" event. Space observatories in the past year recorded about 70 such solar flares, each roughly ten times weaker than "extreme" flares, of which only two have occurred since 2007.

      (Related: "Biggest Solar Flare in Years—Auroras to Be Widespread Tonight?")

      Instead, what shocked scientists was the unusual amount of material that lofted up, expanded, and fell back down over roughly half the surface area of the sun. The event's simultaneous launch of particles into space is called a coronal mass ejection (CME).

      "This totally caught us by surprise. There wasn't much going on with this spot, but as it came from behind the sun, all of the sudden there was a flare and huge ejection of particles," said astrophysicist Phillip Chamberlin of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), one of several spacecraft that recorded the event.

      "We've never seen a CME this enormous."

      (See pictures of solar eruptions.)

      Solar Flares May Threaten Power Grids

      Chamberlin said it will take some time to calculate the energy and mass of electrons and protons blasted into space. But he noted the volume occupied a space hundreds of times bigger than a single Earth.

      The ejection of particles burst from the right limb of the sun and sprayed into space, so the blast will miss Earth—though the explosion may brighten auroras near Earth's poles, Chamberlin said.

      (See pictures of auroras generated by the Valentine's Day solar flare.)

      But he warned space-weather experts are concerned about future solar events.

      The sun's 11-year cycle of activity, driven by tangled surface magnetic fields, will hit its maximum in late 2013 or early 2014. Magnetic messiness will peak around that time and prompt nasty solar storms.

      "We'll probably see [extreme] flares every couple of months instead of years," Chamberlin said.

      If one of these powerful flares—and its coronal mass ejection—faces Earth, the particles will pound satellite components with charged particles, short some out, and potentially cripple them.

      On the planet's surface, extra currents of solar particles drive extra electric current through power lines and heat them up. A solar storm in 1859, for example, caused telegraph lines to burst into flamesPower companies distribute loads to avoid such a disaster, but energetic solar storms could still blow transformers and lead to power outages, especially during heat waves like the one sweeping the eastern U.S. this week.

      "Despite great countermeasures, the power grid is still vulnerable. We could be in for some serious problems," Chamberlin said.

      For more on solar flares, sunspots, and solar wind, read "The Sun—Living With a Stormy Star," from National Geographic magazine >>

      --- In Millennium-Predictions@yahoogroups.com, "Peter" <peter6264@...> wrote:
      > Nostradamus, The Grand Pulse and What's About to Hit the Fan
      > Part 5 By Peter Farley, with input from Helen Parkes and others
      > www.4truthseekers.org <http://www.4truthseekers.org/>
      > Of course the fact that the poles have shifted regularly in the past
      > gives us a good indication that it can happen again, though it won't
      > move to that extent from what Guidance has to say. From past histories
      > of indigenous peoples and from geographic data, there is much to suggest
      > that the planet once also rotated around the sun in 360 days, not 365
      > ¼ days. So `shift' really does happen. Everything my own
      > research and Guidance has suggested to me reinforces what Nostradamus is
      > here suggesting, more of a tip then a full pole reversal. Something
      > knocking the planet off balance much as the very large earthquakes
      > recently have done (and no this has nothing to do with Sitchin's
      > planet Nibiru for those caught up in that mess). There seems to be
      > enough evidence from recent events and science that the plates are all
      > shifting because of some bigger picture most cannot understand . . .
      > i.e. ascension.
      > Plate tension: Guam rocked by small outbreak of moderate earthquakes
      > Posted on May 13, 2011 by The Extinction Protocol
      > A 5.5, a 5.1 and a 5.5 magnitude earthquake in Guam reflects the growing
      > set of seismic tension factors that is now seeing increased unrest along
      > the Pacific and Indo-Australian tectonic plates and in the Ring of Fire.
      > Tectonic plate movements create rippling quakes across the Pacific
      > Posted on May 9, 2011 by The Extinction Protocol
      > http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/
      > May 9, 2011- NEW ZEALAND – Beginning with a 5.0 magnitude quake on
      > the South Island of New Zealand, a series of movements along tectonic
      > plates have created a succession of moderate quakes- a 6.3 quake near
      > the Macquarie Island, …
      > I once had a young lady partner who would see the dimensional shifts
      > while sitting in a restaurant. She'd think an earthquake was going
      > on while no one else was aware of anything out of the ordinary taking
      > place. Having written previously about time-wave work Guidance has had
      > me do, it wasn't surprising to have others also experiencing some of
      > the same events:
      > Re: I saw the time-wave
      > Dear Mr. Farley, Hello my name is Jon. Im 26 years old and I live in
      > Kansas City Mo. I'm sending you this email to tell you what I saw
      > and what has been happening to me since last Thursday. I want you to
      > know that everything I'm about to tell you is true; this isn't a
      > joke and I am not mocking you in any way. Last Thursday I saw what you
      > call a time-wave. I was sitting on my couch when I saw a ripple out of
      > the corner of my eye I turned and looked at it for at least two seconds
      > then it was gone but afterwards it was like I was looking at my living
      > room through a piece of glass. Since last Thursday I have had the same
      > experience twice. Now usually I don't put much thought into dreams
      > (I've had the same dreams before) but this one I've been having
      > is different so I'm going to explain it the best I can. . . If you
      > think I'm crazy I'd understand but if you believe what I'm
      > telling you (which I hope you do) please help me, any advice you can
      > give me would help. Also I believe an end is coming. I feel it with
      > every bone in my body and every ounce of energy I have I can feel it,
      > but with that I feel it won't be the end for me but almost like a
      > brand new beginning. I really hope you take what I said as being the
      > truth because it is and I know I need your help. Jon W.
      > The extinction protocol website carried this article a short while ago:
      > [227] Earth's energy barriers all eroding: The scope and magnitude
      > of the crisis at hand is only now becoming apparent to the casual
      > observer. Perhaps the clearest sign yet of an imminent extinction event
      > on Earth is the same one depicted by the four angels standing on the
      > four corners of the Earth preventing the winds of strife from blowing on
      > the Earth. "Holding the winds" is easily translated as
      > regulating the forces of energy that if unleashed could destroy our
      > planet. This `letting go' or `breaking down' of the
      > barriers which regulate the energies which maintains life on our planet
      > will plunge Earth's inhabitants into an unprecedented crisis and
      > struggle for survival. To be even more specific; the breaking down of
      > the barriers which regulate energy flow is at the heart of the
      > destructive changing sweeping across our world. The `jet-stream'
      > is now rabid and is engaged in erratic swings across the globe. The
      > jet-stream separates warm air from polar air. When cold and warm air
      > collides; turbulent tornadic weather is the result. The planet's
      > ever-weakening magnetic field protects Earth from being seared by
      > ionized forces from the Sun. It is growing weaker- declining by as much
      > as 10% over the last 150 years. Similarly, the Sun's heliosphere
      > which protects the solar system from cosmic ray inundation has weakened
      > by 25% in the last decade. La Niña, El Niño, The Thermohaline
      > Circulation (Ocean conveyor belt) are all energy-regulators in the
      > world's oceans and all appear to be in a state of flux. Mantle,
      > which caps magmatic pressures, also appears to becoming more kinetic,
      > unstable, and seismically volatile. A pole-shift is a loss of
      > equilibrium and the force of balance. "The Earth shall reel to and
      > from like a drunkard..and it shall fall, and not rise again." Isaiah
      > 24:20. In my eyes, the Bible has sufficiently vindicated itself both
      > scientifically and as a book of divine prophecy that appears to be in
      > march-lock-and step with forecasting the earthchanges now unfolding
      > across our planet. –The Extinction ProtocolPosted in Civilizations
      > unraveling <http://en.wordpress.com/tag/civilizations-unraveling/> ,
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      > <http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2011/05/28/rumblings-of-the-\
      > apocalypse-the-day-all-hell-breaks-loose-on-earth/#comments>
      > Articles from a year ago on my website go into more depth on this
      > subject as well:
      > 716) morphogenetic fields and the collapse of the old paradigms of earth
      > - part 1
      > <http://www.4truthseekers.org/articles/morphogenetic_fields_and_the_coll\
      > apse_of_the_old_paradigms_of_earth___part_1_.php> (2010-11-01)
      > 717) morphogenetic fields and the collapse of the old paradigms of earth
      > - part 2
      > <http://www.4truthseekers.org/articles/morphogenetic_fields_and_the_coll\
      > apse_of_the_old_paradigms_of_earth___part_2__.php> (2010-11-02)
      > 718) morphogenetic fields and the collapse of the old paradigms of earth
      > - part 3
      > <http://www.4truthseekers.org/articles/morphogenetic_fields_and_the_coll\
      > apse_of_the_old_paradigms_of_earth___part_3__.php> (2010-11-03)
      > 719) morphogenetic fields and the collapse of the old paradigms of earth
      > - part 4
      > <http://www.4truthseekers.org/articles/morphogenetic_fields_and_the_coll\
      > apse_of_the_old_paradigms_of_earth___part_4_.php> (2010-11-04)
      > 720) morphogenetic fields and the collapse of the old paradigms of earth
      > - part 5
      > <http://www.4truthseekers.org/articles/morphogenetic_fields_and_the_coll\
      > apse_of_the_old_paradigms_of_earth___part_5__.php> (2010-11-06)
      > 721) morphogenetic fields and the collapse of the old paradigms of earth
      > - part 6
      > <http://www.4truthseekers.org/articles/morphogenetic_fields_and_the_coll\
      > apse_of_the_old_paradigms_of_earth___part_6__.php> (2010-11-06)
      > 722) morphogenetic fields and the collapse of the old paradigms of earth
      > - part 7
      > <http://www.4truthseekers.org/articles/morphogenetic_fields_and_the_coll\
      > apse_of_the_old_paradigms_of_earth___part_7.php> (2010-11-06)
      > Nostradamus, The Grand Pulse and What's About to Hit the Fan
      > Part 6 By Peter Farley, with input from Helen Parkes and others
      > www.4truthseekers.org <http://www.4truthseekers.org/>
      > Ruth Norman describes the ascension of the individual aspect of Soul
      > that each of us is in much the same way she could have described the
      > ascension of a planet, or in this case, four planets (Earth, Mercury,
      > Venus and Mars)
      > "The natural course of events, the intelligence that is being
      > nurtured by any one individual through the ways of a natural
      > development, would come to the fore and it would be an intelligence that
      > had been developed, based upon a firm and firmer foundation, laid one on
      > of the top of the other, the internal framework thereby being
      > stabilized by a basic foundation that had been erected upon the
      > objective awareness being a cementing, so to speak of separate life
      > experiences over spans of lifetimes, thereby the social organism becomes
      > that much greater in its strength and in its ability to become a finer
      > tuning fork for the intelligence residing on the higher octave of the
      > Infinite; that is, another frequency band in which other peoples are
      > living and experiencing the infinite panoply of the Father, thereby
      > radiating in some way, directively, their understandings to the peoples
      > in a lower echelon of worlds."
      > Since we are simply One Verse in the many universes comprising this
      > SuperUniverse or OmniVerse, it's sometimes easier for people to
      > think of what's taking place as a rising from one octave to another
      > in this musical symphony of Creation just as planet Earth once fell down
      > an octave or two because of the coarse physicality and motives of alien
      > interference with the planet Earth experiment.
      > From Volume 6: "The process of planetary ascension requires the
      > alteration of this (Earth's) grid as a macrocosmic version of what
      > is explained here about atoms:
      > "...This also is akin to the octave structure in the atom, where each
      > electron that is released puts the atom through different isotopic
      > stages. Once you break the "octave" threshold, the atom metamorphoses
      > into the next element in the Periodic Table. In other words, this
      > process of energetic expansion, emerging from the central core, or
      > nucleus, or Sun, produces an evolution in the actual form of its entire
      > structure. This is the way that all consciousness units operate, whether
      > it is sub-microscopic, atomic, cellular, planetary or even Solar
      > System-wide.
      > "We know that the system of geometry for the consciousness unit is also
      > harmonic and octave-based, and thus we see these Platonic forms emerging
      > in minerals, in the organization of cells in a developing zygote, and in
      > the planetary grids themselves. We also know that these frequencies are
      > governed by very simple, harmonic numbers. These numbers show up when we
      > measure the vibrations of sound frequencies in air. Therefore, when we
      > see these same frequency numbers for the consciousness unit emerging in
      > the Great Sunspot Cycle, we can see that a similar division and
      > enhancement is occurring in our Solar System. This is yet again another
      > reason to see why we are so quickly heading into a spontaneous
      > dimensional shift here on Earth, or the Single Greatest Moment of All
      > Time."
      > Ascension isn't some mystical experience but a physics-based reality
      > as everything in Creation adheres to scientifically based principles, if
      > not always understood by mainstream scientists. There is no separation
      > between science and spirituality, only a perceived split when one
      > faction seeks power more than the other.
      > Also from Vol 4:
      > "The closing down of the Planet Earth experiment?
      > "Yes, the closing down of the Planet Earth experiment. With all
      > attempts to raise the general consciousness of the planet failed, the
      > decision has been made to close this experiment down. This, of course,
      > was not a decision made lightly, and was only made after a final chance
      > to correct the situation had been given and had failed. Attempts have
      > been made in every way, shape, and form, over the past twenty-five years
      > to help Man see the direction in which He was going. The established
      > forces on the planet have, however, been too strong, and Man has too
      > readily been drawn away from the Divine LIGHT through his pursuit of
      > earthly pleasures and entertainment. Somewhere in the late 1980's, not
      > long after the event known as Harmonic Convergence, the decision was
      > made by the general consciousness of the planet not to take this next
      > step in awareness and ascend with the planet when it took its new
      > planetary initiation. With the last chance failing to produce a change,
      > the original cause of action—the plan to shut down the
      > experiment—was put back into action.
      > "While children are now being born in record numbers in order to
      > experience this event, it is obvious that people are also dying in
      > record numbers in order to shift some of the burden away from the final
      > preparations. As can be read about in some more accurate New-Age
      > materials, those who are dying right now are not being put back into the
      > system of planetary recycling in this area either. They are instead
      > being removed to other locations in the Universe for healing and further
      > reincarnations.
      > "Another trend spoken of in various publications is the removal from
      > the planet of those entities on the planet who have been here to serve
      > Man in so many ways. Many of the nature spirits have left, and with
      > their departure, Nature appears to be running wild.
      > What is now accelerating . . . is the beginning of the acceleration of
      > time, which then creates the situation that this planet Earth becomes a
      > light-space vehicle . . .
      > With an increased vibration and therefore a lighter density, with its
      > mass accelerated in time, the planet has lifted itself into a higher
      > dimension and those who have been able to ascend with the planet will
      > remain with it if it is their mission to do so. Those who are still too
      > dense will be gone in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, at this time,
      > that would be a greater proportion of the people on the planet. In order
      > to avoid too much damage to the planet's energy vectors, the human
      > experiment will be shut down before this event proceeds too much
      > further, and then, as said before, some will return to the Earth after
      > it has had a time to heal and settle itself into its new dimensional
      > status. They will come to instigate a new paradigm, one based on `We
      > are all One" and it takes a village . . . "
      > It is not possible to know the full extent of the changes that are about
      > to occur. Even the Masters on the planet do not make specific
      > predictions beyond the fact that there is a major change taking place.
      > If some of the general prophecies of Nostradamus and other modern
      > prophets are going wrong at this time, it is for exactly this same
      > reason—that only the highest elements of the Spiritual Hierarchy
      > know more-or-less precisely how these changes will come about, and their
      > eventual result.
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