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FYI-Important read and to pass on to all military wives you know

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  • Elizabeth
    ... Elizabeth (Havelock, NC; Mom to Kiersten 11, Nicole 9 multiple EDs, and Andrew 6 HRHS, PA, PS, ASD, VSD, L-TGA, Bilat. SVC, DORV, DILV, transverse heart,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2002
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      > Please ensure widest dissemination
      > (U//FOUO) Website Solicitation of Military Wives to Provide Information on
      > Military Bases
      > DO NOT DO THIS!!!!

      > (U//FOUO) AFOSI was notified of a website that solicits dependent military
      > wives to videotape military bases, located both stateside and overseas, and
      > provide maps of these bases. The website, www.soloops.com, requests
      > military wives to videotape main gates, housing areas, base exchanges, and
      > other facilities. Procedures for getting on military bases and base maps
      > are also requested. Interested parties fill out applications providing
      > personal information to participate in the program. Solo-Ops is especially
      > interested in information pertaining to bases in Japan and other overseas
      > locations, and they offer to pay $100 per videotape. The website states it
      > is trying to obtain this information to make military life easier because
      > the military cannot provide these products. (AFOSI)
      > (U//FOUO)ACIC Comment: Military depens do not receive the same security
      > training as military members, but share nearly the same access to military
      > bases. This website is likely a well-intentioned group of military
      > dependants who share similar difficulties when moving and getting their
      > families established in new locations. They might not realize the potential
      > security concern of the release of such information. According to their
      > website, the organization is located in Broomfield, CO. The site states
      > that they are attempting to recruit contacts at the following installations
      > to produce videos and images of local schools, stores, base security
      > points, and childcare facilities:
      > *    Fort Bragg, NC.
      > *    Fort Hood, TX.
      > *    Fort Lewis, WA.
      > *    Camp LeJeune, NC.
      > *    Camp Pendelton, CA.
      > *    San Diego, CA (Naval Base).
      > *  Norfolk, VA (Naval Base).
      > (U//FOUO) An email group was established for this organization on 16
      > October 2002 and it states it currently has two members.
      > MAJ Dwight D. Grose
      > Chief, Office of Intelligence & Security (OIS)
      > MANSCEN, Fort Leonard Wood, MO
      > grosed@...
      > (573) 563-4020
      > (fax) 4019

      Elizabeth (Havelock, NC; Mom to Kiersten 11, Nicole 9 multiple EDs, and Andrew 6 HRHS, PA, PS, ASD, VSD, L-TGA, Bilat. SVC, DORV, DILV, transverse heart, and prolapse and regurgitation of the AV valve and wife to CWO2  Tom WPW) http://expage.com/page/andrewproject  http://community.webshots.com/user/projectdrw 

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