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graveyards.com trip report - 3 September 2005

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  • Matt Hucke
    Yesterday I explored DuPage county (west of Chicago). Cass Cemetery - Darien - #493 A small but impressive graveyard with several obelisks. It is
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      Yesterday I explored DuPage county (west of Chicago).

      Cass Cemetery - Darien - #493
      A small but impressive graveyard with several obelisks. It is
      approximately triangular, and lies along the frontage road that
      parallels I-55. Due to the expressway, many roads in the area
      have discontinuities, and it's difficult to find the cemetery
      without a map; after my approach from the southeast failed I
      arrived there by travelling north to 75th street, then south.

      St. John's Cemetery - Darien - #494
      This cemetery shares its fence with a state nature preserve. The
      east side of the enclosure is the nature preserve; filled with tall
      weeds and heavily posted with "no trespassing" signs. However,
      on the south edge there's another gate leading to the cemetery,
      entry to which is apparently not forbidden. The cemetery is moderately
      well-kept; the grass is cut, but there are some damaged monuments.
      There is no sign.

      St. Barnard's Cemetery - Woodridge - #495
      Saint Barnard's is a small graveyard masquerading as a large one. There
      are only about thirty stones, but they're spread out over a very large
      area, a triangular lot next to a park. There is no sign or fence.

      Babcock's Grove Cemetery
      I had formerly identified this as "Washington Street Cemetery", as
      it's listed this way in the AMC atlas, but today discovered that
      the USGS listing has Babcock's Grove at nearly the same coordinates.
      Revisiting the site I found no indication of its proper name.

      St. Mary's Cemetery - Lombard - #496
      This is a small, run-down graveyard alongside a busy divided highway.
      There is an in-ground mausoleum, with the top three feet or so above
      ground, painted white, with weeds growing from its cracked and uneven
      concrete roof. Its entrance faces away from the road - and it was open;
      there is no door. Stepping down into the mausoleum I found it badly
      vandalized, with graffiti on every surface. On one side there is a
      structure of concrete and brick, about the right size to be two
      sarcophagi; but it is more likely merely a platform on which the
      coffins originally sat. Vandals have broken into the side of this
      platform, carving out a tunnel about eighteen inches square at the
      surface, and twelve inches in depth; but the far end of the tunnel
      does not reach open space, it reveals only more brick and concrete.
      There is no sign.

      St. Peter's Cemetery - Elmhurst - #497
      St. Mary's Cemetery - Elmhurst - #498
      These are two adjacent cemeteries next to Elmhurst College. USGS
      lists a "College Cemetery" in place of St. Peter's, but I find no
      evidence of that name. The Protestant and Catholic cemeteries here
      share a single fenced enclosure but have separate entrance gates.
      One monument at St. Mary's is a pedestal, with a bronze plaque near
      the top that says "Kindly Do Not Touch This Statue"; the statue,
      however, is missing. There is much vandalism here, with several
      pedestal tombs knocked over.

      Glos Cemetery - Elmhurst - #499
      This very small graveyard is in a high-class residential neighborhood
      in Elmhurst, and its area is smaller than that of many of the houses
      there. The gate was locked, and private property surrounds it on
      three sides, so I was only able to view it from one side. There are
      very few monuments: a row of six broken headstones along the fence;
      a large granite monument (facing away from the road, so no inscription
      was visible), and two other small markers. There is an in-ground
      mausoleum, with only the top few feet visible (very similar to that
      at St. Mary's, above), but the entrance to it was not visible.

      Zion Ev. Lutheran Cemetery - Churchville/Bensenville - #500
      With the light failing, I tried to explore two more graveyards
      before setting out for home. I was very pleasantly surprised
      at the appearance of Zion Cemetery. The graveyard was organized
      in such a way that all of the tall monuments are clustered together;
      shorter monuments are all off to one side. This gives the appearance
      of a dense forest of marble and granite; in that section, every
      monument is 6' or taller, topped with a cross or urn. The effect
      is stunning. Unfortunately, I arrived late in the day, when the
      light was weak; my photos are therefore underexposed. I plan to soon
      return there at an earlier hour.

      This is the five hundredth graveyard that I have explored.

      Churchville Cemetery - Churchville/Bensenville - #501
      Churchville is across the street from Zion. The churchlike building
      next to it is a historic school. Woods border the cemetery on the
      back side. It has an entrance arch and a few larger monuments.
      By this time it was too dark to get good photos, and I spent only
      a few minutes there; I'll return later to explore it in better light.


      "The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the
      voices you are throttling today." -- August Spies, 1887
    • Donnabeanc55@comcast.net
      ... Hi, I live in Buffalo Grove and would love to visit the Long Grove church cemetary. Where is it exactly? Thanks so much. I spent the weekend in Quincy
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        I live in Buffalo Grove and would love to visit the Long Grove church cemetary.  Where is it exactly?  Thanks so much.  I spent the weekend in Quincy touring a cemetary that my mother-in-law helped publish a historical brochure on.  Thanks!

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