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Re: [MidwestCemeteries] Harrisburg IL Mausoleum endangered

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  • Matt Hucke
    ... Alas, I didn t make it there. I drove to Louisville KY to participate in an investigation of a haunted site with the Ghost Research Society: the Waverly
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 22, 2009
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      > The mausoleum in Harrisburg, Illinois's big historic cemetery is endangered.
      > I plan to visit next week, and this mausoleum is now one of my top priorities:

      Alas, I didn't make it there.

      I drove to Louisville KY to participate in an investigation of a haunted site
      with the Ghost Research Society: the Waverly Hills Sanitorium. It was my
      intention to explore Southeast Illinois graveyards before and after.

      Unfortunately, the universe intervened in two different ways: heavy storms
      were forecast for the region on the two days before my appointment at Waverly;
      and two days before a trip I was suddenly struck down with a cold.

      I was so congested and headache-stricken that I took an extra day to drive
      to Louisville, splitting the six-hour drive in two and staying the night
      between in Indianapolis. I was well enough to participate in the haunted
      hospital walk-through as planned, and departed Louisville on Saturday morning.

      I drove east through Southern Indiana, stopping at the Lincoln historic
      sites there (did you know that Mr. Lincoln worked as a cemetery sexton in
      his youth, in the small churchyard where his sister is buried? How fascinating,
      to walk over graves that had been dug by the most revered American of all time,
      and to photograph monuments that he may have himself set in place.)

      In Gallatin County Illinois is the Old Slave House - a country mansion belonging
      to John Hart Crenshaw, who kidnapped free Blacks, forced them to work his salt
      mines, and sold them back into slavery in Kentucky. The house is on state land,
      and none may trespass, but I saw it from the road; and I found Crenshaw's grave
      about a mile north.

      Aside from the slaveholder Crenshaw, I visited a few graveyards near Shawneetown,
      McLeansboro, and Carmi, where there were Senators and a governor buried; but then
      drove home, cutting short my trip, as I was still somewhat congested and low
      in energy.

      What was *really* annoying was that, on the day I had departed to start the trip,
      I'd been feeling so poorly that I didn't take the time to pack properly; all the
      maps of the region that I had carefully printed remained on my desk at home. I
      even stopped at a public library to look at my own web site and print a few lists
      at one point... so my trip was also cut short due to my failure to adequately

      Matt Hucke (hucke@...), programmer.
      author, Graveyards of Illinois - http://graveyards.com/
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