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The new issue of Epitaphs Magazine is here!!

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  • Minda
    Everyone! It s done! It s here! It s ready! Issue #8 of Epitaphs Magazine is here and kinda-sorta ready for Christmas! :-) I m very pleased with the new
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2008
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      It's done! It's here! It's ready!

      Issue #8 of Epitaphs Magazine is here and kinda-sorta ready for Christmas! :-)

      I'm very pleased with the new issue. It is filled with interesting articles and fabulous
      photography. As usual! I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue. You did a
      fantastic job.

      The new issue features articles and photography on:

      - Chippiannock Cemetery's Storm of the Century (Minda Powers-Douglas)
      - What Is a Chrismon Anyway? (Dusty Smith)
      - The Lost Children (Colleen Loefler)
      - Digging Into Cemeteries: The Growing Popularity of Cemetery Blogging
      - Salzburg's Gardens of the Dead (Michele Jankowski)
      - Cameras 101 (Joshua Inayat)
      - Necropolis (Ryan Coffman)
      - Photos by Steven Hernandez
      - Taphophiles are Multiplying Like Rabbits: The Story Behind the Association of
      Gravestone Rabbits (William "Terry" Thornton)
      - Photos by Mike Smith
      - An Interview with Buddy Phaneuf of the Internet Cremation Society
      - Why Should We Care? The International Association of Cemetery Preservationists, Inc.
      - The Lost Children (Colleen Loefler)
      - The Crypt Keeper (Giselle Ladoceur-Borowicz)
      - Book reviews
      - I "Heart" Cemeteries (photography by Alzi Clanton, Polly Yuill, Jimmy Short, Tammy Jo
      Fuller, Ryan Coffman, Steven Hernandez)
      - Why I'm a Taphophile (Peter Denniston, New Zealand)
      - Back cover photo by Polly Yuill

      To learn more and to place your order, visit:

      Price is $11.99 (plus shipping and handling) for the issue (which is black and white inside
      with a full-color cover). If you want to order more than one copy--or multiple magazine
      issues and/or books, e-mail me your order before placing it through PayPal. I will total
      your items with combined shipping and send you a PayPal invoice (payable via PayPal or by
      check/money order).

      If you are currently a subscriber, a link to your electronic issue will be sent to you ASAP.

      A link to your complimentary electronic issue will be sent to you ASAP.

      Happy holidays, everyone!


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