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Re: Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

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  • Diane
    This is the first time I ve replied to anyone, so I hope I m doing it right. I live in Ballwin, MO, which is right next to Valley Park, both of which are in
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 16, 2008
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      This is the first time I've replied to anyone, so I hope I'm doing it
      right. I live in Ballwin, MO, which is right next to Valley Park,
      both of which are in the greater St. Louis area. I looked
      up "Missionary Baptist" in the phone book and there is a "Missionary
      Baptist Greater Calvary" church and cemetery in the northeast part of
      the St. Louis area (Valley Park is in the southeast part). It's
      obviously not the one you're looking for, but most of the people who
      live in that area are African-American so perhaps someone at the
      church would know something about the cemetery you are looking for or
      could give you a better lead. Their phone number is 314-385-3376.
      Good luck!


      --- In MidwestCemeteries@yahoogroups.com, "Ella Jay"
      <ella_jay_sings@...> wrote:
      > > Looking for info on Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery of Valley
      > Park,
      > > MO. Was traditionally an African-American cemetery and may have
      > > originally a "slave" cemetery.
      > >
      > I have started researching African-American heritage in east
      > Missouri, emphasis on Franklin, Warren, and Gasconade Counties (not
      > easy task). Doing this research towards developing material for
      > original Daniel Boone burial site in Warren County.
      > I have some information on a few African-American cemeteries
      > of course, Quinette (which has a couple of books written on it) and
      > several small cemeteries that have been nearly destroyed.
      > Do you only have the name of the cemetery or do you know where it
      > (or was) located? I might be able to cross-reference some
      > that I have with more location information (I am not familar with
      > Valley Park but I do live in Franklin County, Missouri, which is
      > relatively nearby).
      > Ella Jay
      > east central missouri
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