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Re: [MidwestCemeteries] Access to Cemeteries on Private Property

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  • Matt Hucke
    ... If the site is locked and posted with no trespassing signs I ususally just circle the perimeter and photograph it through the fence. Of the five hundred
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2006
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      On Sun, 30 Apr 2006, Juli wrote:

      > So, how is it that anyone could gain access to privately owned buial
      > sites?

      If the site is locked and posted with "no trespassing" signs I ususally
      just circle the perimeter and photograph it through the fence. Of the
      five hundred graveyards I've visited, I've been unsuccessful in getting
      into about one percent of them. There are two other Central Illinois
      graveyards that I couldn't even get near because I'd have had to jump a
      fence and cross several hundred meters of farmland; it wasn't worth
      the risk.

      > I can't see how you could denied the right to relatives
      > access to visit their loved ones?

      Someone with proof that they're related might be able to negotiate for
      access, unless the owner is completely unreasonable, in which case
      a nasty letter from a lawyer might be in order.

      Though the person you encountered may have said he doesn't even permit
      relatives to visit, that may have been an exaggeration on his part,
      designed to forestall any attempts of gaining access by giving a fake
      name. Perhaps the site has been vandalized, or he's chased too many
      teenagers out at midnight. If you described yourselves as ghost hunters
      while asking for access, that might have immediately put an end to the
      owner's willingness to be flexible.

      > And furthermore...how disrespectful can a private home owner be as to
      > continually negliect a buial ground in which you are fully aware of.

      This is unacceptable; if the owner won't maintain the site, the state
      or town should start "eminent domain" proceedings and take it away from him -
      but they won't, because they probably don't want to pay for upkeep either.

      I recommend you list the site on saving-graves.org so that preservationists
      can become aware of this and get involved.


      "The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the
      voices you are throttling today." -- August Spies, 1887
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