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Re: [MidwestCemeteries] Archdiocese cemeteries

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  • quixotestar@aol.com
    I did, had an interesting chat with the Panzcko brothers once who have a family gravesite there. It is in Niles. ... From: Byron Embry
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      I did, had an interesting chat with the Panzcko brothers once who have a family gravesite there. It is in Niles.  
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       did you ever work at Saint Aldberts om Milwakee ave

      robmichael1 <quixotestar@...> wrote:
      I am a new member with perhaps a unique prospective. I worked at all
      the Chicago Catholic Archdiocese Cemeteries in the late 60's while
      attending college. I also spent many rainy days slowly driving around
      Mt Carmel cemetery waiting for the weather to clear up. A lot of the
      workers there were the same men who buried many of the notables of the
      20's and 30's. The retirement age was not a viable law where the
      Church was concerned. It made for some fascinating tales.

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