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  • ablecain1
    Oct 17, 2005
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      Hello Everyone,
      Made a visit to Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville KY, this past
      Sunday. Beautiful weather, took alot of pictures, overall a wonderful
      cemetery. I even saw the burial place of Colonel Harland Sanders,
      founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. I looked around carefully but
      there wasn't a chicken bone to be found anywhere.
      A couple of quick questions. On the following website
      http://geonames.usgs.gov/redirect.html you can download individual
      State and Topical Gazetteers. They will give you listings of various
      historic places as well as cemeteries. Part of the information is
      Latitude and Longitude numbers. I'm just beginning to research GPS
      recievers but haven't yet found this out. Can you enter Latitude and
      Longitude into a GPS and recieve directions and an address to this
      destination. Also I see that Microsoft has a program that includes a
      plugin GPS for notebook computers. "Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006
      with GPS locator." Does anyone have experience with GPS recievers
      and/or Microsofts program?

      Also I would be interested in hearing about peoples favorite
      cemeteries and their locations. My main interest is collecting
      epitaphs and taking photos of statuary and various monuments.
      Thanks in advance for all reponses. Jim