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421Re: [MidwestCemeteries] symbols left on graves

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    Apr 7, 2009
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      Many thanks for your input.  The Lessley Cemetery is a favorite of mine with my grandmother, grandfather, mother and father being buried there.  The story that goes with this cemetery is that Jane Lessley, who lived on another hill back of the cemetery, used to sit in her rocking chair and look out over the hills.  She said she wanted to be buried on the hill, where the cemetery is now.
      Jane was born 1782 and died 1824, first to be buried in that cemetery.
      My grandma and I used to walk up to this cemetery, take a picnic lunch, spread out a cloth to sit on and have our lunch.
      Matt, I am writing a book about Houston at present, could I use your pictures of the cemetery with mention of your help, please?
      We have been meeting for five weeks now about this book and the response is overwhelming for such a small town with nothing left but houses and a few people.
      There is another cemetery 5 miles south of Houston, a Baptist one with history to it, also.  Another conch shell is there.
      I will visit the Red Bud cemetery.
      I can't thank you enough.  I love your photos.
      Peggy Fitzpatrick

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      > Hello,
      > The two cemeteries are located in the Lessley Cemetery and the Fairview Cemetery in the small town of Houston, IL.
      >  Peggy Fitzpatrick

      Lessley Cemetery! That's in Randolph County... I was there last September. Driving from
      St. Clair County to Carbondale, I spotted it by the side of the road, and (of course)
      pulled over.

      Here are some photos, including one of the conch:

      http://www.graveyar ds.com/bin/ grave?id= 4368

      I also recall seeing a few conch shells in the Red Bud city cemetery, a few miles northwest.

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