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415Re: [MidwestCemeteries] symbols left on graves

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    Apr 6 7:16 AM
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      Hi Mar, and thank you very much.  Very interesting.
      Peggy Fitzpatrick

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      Many times (pre-depression) families would leave muscle or conch shells on
      the graves of family. Most shell was left as a burial gift.I have found
      over 30+ near gravestones( which I promptly return after restoration) .
      On African American graves it was common to break the favorite bowl,plate
      and cup of the deceased and put them on the burial site. I find
      crocks,glassware, conch,shells, plates,bowls repeatedly.

      Mark Davis
      Stone Saver Cemetery Restortion

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      Subject: [MidwestCemeteries] symbols left on graves


      In two of our cemeteries we have a conch shell on the grave. We have no
      info that these two buried people are related? Do you have any info about
      these symbols?



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