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  • Foxie Hagerty
    May 15, 2008
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      Hi Lynn,
      this is Foxie w/Illilnois Saving Graves.com
      if you wouldn't mind having your photos posted on another web site. I do not have many for Kane Co., IL. my niece did live and have been going to go there for a little while and take photos but just haven't gotten it done.Tracy send info on the old Channing Cemetery which used to be there and Rev War soldiers is al lI have I did try and inquire about it but it got all hushed up somehow I don't know why but it did.
      Will be seeing Dawn Cobb this week end at the Cemetery Presevation Seminar and see what she has to say about it or if she knows any more. Or actually anyone else who has any photos or knowledge of any cemeteries that also need some work done on them in any of the 102 counties in IL. I will be going to Jefferson, Bond, and Marion at the end of the month for a few things one is a Dowsing Class in Mt. Vernon and the other two have to check on some ceemteries down there one wants to restore it and I need to find my date book to get his name again. How can one misplace one is beyond me. Happy tombstone photographing.....
      Thanks but it's up to you.
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      Lynn <nyneone1@...> wrote:
      Hi Gail...

      "White Bronze" is available at lulu.com. I just published it and it's
      a collection of zinc monuments in the Chicago area. I just finished
      photographing in Kane County and will do a sequel. Each marker has a
      brief bio about the person.

      and Matt...
      I got more pictures for cemeteries you were missing in Kane county... I
      will email them to you in a day or so.


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