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314RE: [MidwestCemeteries] expeditions

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  • Matt Hucke
    May 9 5:47 PM
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      On Wed, 7 May 2008, gpepin@... wrote:

      > Where are you going?

      If the weather looks good, and I have time for a major trip, it'll
      probably be Quincy (a river town in west central Illinois). There
      are two senators and a governor buried there, so it's been high on
      my priority list for a while. That far from Chicago, I'd want about
      five days to do it properly, so it's dependent on my work schedule
      and the weather.

      But if it seems I won't have time to go that far afield, and I can
      only manage a two-day trip, it would likely be Rockford (where I have
      never been) or Champaign (a return trip).

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